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Is it just us, or is there something a bit uncomfortable about the word 'marketing'?
We asked some of our friends to tell us the first thing that came into their head when we said the word 'marketing'. They didn't pull any punches! At the politer end of the spectrum we heard – 'sleazy', 'putting a spin on things', 'pushing things people don't need', 'propaganda', 'expensive', even 'vomit inducing'. Marketing really does have an image problem, doesn't it?
This month's Valuable Content Award winner has never felt at ease about pushing himself forward but if you take a look at his website you'd think he was the most natural marketer in the world.
Meet Toby Duckett. Toby runs one man web design business Human Measures. He is a quiet man; one of the least pushy people we know yet he's an absolute natural at marketing. Why? Because the marketing that gets results today is all about being helpful and giving away information that people really need. Marketing the valuable content way takes the spotlight off you - ‘see how great I am!’ - and onto your clients - ‘see how great you are’. So for the introverts and anyone who is just plain fed up with the hard sell, marketing with valuable content is a comfortable choice, as well as a sound business decision.
Toby’s business is going from strength to strength, powered by the determinedly helpful attitude he demonstrates in all the content he shares. Content marketing isn't something you can just buy and apply. It's a different, more human way of doing business (tweetable). Toby gets this. Far bigger businesses can learn from him. Congratulations Toby!
If the idea of pushing yourself or your services makes you feel uncomfortable then there are some simple truths you can take away from Toby's approach:
  • When you think about marketing, think about helping not selling
  • Make your website far more about your clients and their needs than it is about you
  • Do what you love – it's much easier to be helpful when you really want to help
  • Get out there and help people – and add value with every contact

Scaling up the valuable approach for businesses that are bigger than Toby's is what we do. You can read about how we helped brilliant Bristol software developers Desynit to take their business to the next level on Storify.

Projects like this are what we love doing best - and it's where we add the most value to our clients - so if you know anyone who wants to turn their website around do please share this newsletter with them and point them our way. We'd really love to help.
That's it for this month - see you soon!
Sonja and Sharon
P.S. Calling all Bristol-based content people – we're starting up a monthly Content Meet Up, and the the first one is on October 17th at Roll for the Soul.  We'd love it if you would join us. You'll find all the details of the Bristol Content Group here.

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