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How easy is it to buy from you? 

We talk a lot about being helpful, but sometimes that can get confused with being selfless. Yes, marketing with content only works if you approach it with a generosity of spirit - it’s really true that ‘give and you will receive,’ Create beautiful inspiring content, share it widely and people will find and like you. But what happens next? You’re running a business, so once you’ve generously given, how can you helpfully receive? 

Here's an example. It’s less than a month until Christmas and we’re starting to think about Christmas shopping.* Yesterday Sonja received a catalogue full of gorgeous clothes in the post  – lots of things she would love to buy – but there was no easy way to actually make a purchase. No prices on the clothes, no link to a website; just the address of a few resellers hidden away at the back in very small print.  The company lost a sale because they didn’t make it easy to buy.

That’s a problem facing lots of businesses – and we’ll put our hands up here, we mean us too –  we love being generous but we just don’t make it easy enough for people to buy from us. 

Helpful AND clear

Being clear about what you’re selling is part of being helpful. So is making it easy for people to take the first small step with you. (TWEETABLE). If you’re selling services it’s really helpful for people to be able to try you before they commit to a large purchase.

Creating valuable helpful content and sharing it on your website and beyond is so important, but that’s not the only content you need on your site. Your services pages need to be clear and purposeful; you need to make it easy for people to take the first step with you. Otherwise your efforts will be wasted, just like Sonja’s catalogue full of unpurchasable clothes. 

Quick questions to see how easy is it to buy from you:
  1. How clear are the calls to action on your website now? NB If you only have ‘call us on xxxxxxx’ you need some more. Try ‘download our valuable guide’ or ‘test your x here’. Give people more than one thing to do – something that appeals to the ‘just looking’ brigade as well as the ‘just about to buy’ crew.
  2. Are your service pages right? Can your potential client see immediately what it is you offer? Get someone else to look at the pages for you. New eyes are useful as it’s easy to get blind to your own web copy.
  3. Is it easy to take the next step with you?
  4. Do you have an ‘easy to buy’ gateway product? 
When it comes to your content, focus your generosity. Helpful AND clear – that’s what will get you results. 

We’re getting clearer
We’re in the process of re-doing the VC site to make our offer clearer. And, in the spirit of making it easy for you to take the first steps with us here is something you might be interested in: 
Do pass the word on if there’s anyone you know who needs our website help. 

How about you? What's your selling challenge? Do let us know and we'll try and help. 

See you next month. 
Sonja and Sharon

P.S. No VC Award winner this month – but here is a post on what we look for in a VC Award Winner. Do you or any businesses you know deserve the coveted VC Award badge? Do let us know. 

P.P.S. Here’s some content you might find useful – from VC and around the web:
*Don’t worry, we’re only thinking about Christmas Shopping. We haven’t actually bought anything yet!
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