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December 2011 | Issue 14


Quite the loveliest and most powerful book we've read this year. The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Being generous pays off. 


This month we’re enjoying working on websites, books and messages for:
Peter Hill
Pro Vision
Development Done Right
Twist Consultants
John Ramsey
The Landmark Practice 

Happy Christmas!

Are you ready for a break?

We certainly are this year. Creating and sharing valuable content has worked incredibly well for our marketing, making 2011 by far our busiest to date. We really hope it's working for you too. If you're new to the Valuable Content approach and want to use it to transform your marketing in 2012 we'd love to show you how. We'll share ideas and examples in this newsletter, our blog articles and social feeds. Do let us know if there's anything you'd like us to explain or help with next year. 

Next year we're upping the ante. We're delighted that the Valuable Content marketing book is being published by Kogan Page in September. Our book will show you exactly how to create and share the right type of content for remarkable business results. We've got some hard work to do between now and March to get the manuscript completed. We'll be blogging our journey to published authordom along the way. Watch this space! 

Thanks very much for following us in 2011 - we really appreciate your interest. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2012. 


Valuable Content Hero of 2011

The Valuable Content Awards launched a year ago and we've uncovered some real content heroes. We're giving away a special award this month for the website we feel is the best of a great bunch.  

Our Golden Valuable Content Award for 2011
 goes to....drumroll......

Practice management consultant Mel Lester at The Business Edge
 for his website, blog articles, seriously valuable newsletter and veritable library of free resources (check out his Consultant's Toolbox). Well done Mel! Your produce valuable content and results we can all aspire too. 

Read about Mel’s award and the results of his ‘minimalist marketing approach’ in our case study here. Well done to all our winners in 2011 - Valuable Content Award Winners


Latest Client Websites

It seems that 'content' has come of age as a marketing tool in 2011 and we've been busier than ever before. For our clients we've managed and written content for 7 website builds, produced 2 books, 3 new blogs, 8 messaging projects, helped secure 5 book deals and a written a fair few articles, downloads and case studies too.

Here are two new Valuable Content websites:

  • Information risk management consultancy Ascentor - smart design, strong messaging and some really, really great content - check out their articles, downloadable Board's Guide to Information Risk, and their online risk review tool. Their content is already bringing in leads and helping to close sales! Congratulations and thanks to all involved - to marketing consultant Bryony Thomas, web developer Iain Claridge, brand specialist Andy Fuller, email marketing lady Eli Barbary and developers Atomic Smash. 
  • Bristol-based environmental consultancy - clean, visual, strong message, instant credibility with real personality - check out their hilarious People page. 
We're very proud of our clients and the sites we've produced together. A Valuable website is a big commitment for any leadership team in terms of time and energy; you have to learn a lot, get involved and think hard. These clients have been enthusiastic throughout, and a real pleasure to work for. Ascentor and Landmark are all set for some great results in 2012. We'll share their stories with you here. 

We hope this is useful

Do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for next year.

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