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May 2012 | Issue 18




This month we recommend Zoom: The Faster Way to Make Your Business Idea Happen by Ian Sanders and David Sloly.  
Speedy set-ups can lead to speedy money making, that's the message behind Sanders and Sloly's book. Zoom is one of the Independent's ten best business start up books, and we rate it too.


"Walk a mile in your customers' shoes to help you decide on what sort of content they would find valuable. Don’t just make it up. Ask them. What information would they appreciate?"

Heather Townsend, Author of The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking 


Making social media work
Social media is your main content distribution channel - the way you lead people to all the fantastic content you're creating. It's really important that you don't just see Twitter and Linkedin as handy notice boards for advertising your content wares though. Effective social media is all about building relationships, and like the rest of your valuable content approach to marketing, it's about listening and sharing rather then the hard sell.  This month's lead article is a guest post from Neil Fletcher. It struck a big chord with us, and you can read it here. 
We've pulled together some more useful stuff to help you find your way through the social media maze.  

Valuable Content Award

YourBusinessChannel scoop this month's valuable content award.  It's an inspiring, detailed and thoughtful site that demonstrates the power of using video content to tell your business story. We spoke to director Mark Sinclair while we were writing the book, and this was his advice for businesses looking to succeed with their marketing.

'Focus on doing three key things well:
  • Create engaging content
  • Share it with the right people
  • Stimulate conversation and collaborate as a result."
We'd agree with that! Check out to see how they do it.

For more websites, content and stories to inspire you check out previous Valuable Content Award Winners.

Marketing content we've enjoyed this month

And finally...

We're looking at updating our website, and have started thinking about responsive web design. With more and more of us accessing the web through our phones, we know we need to create a site that works brilliantly, however you're getting to it.  Read Sonja's article, and do tell us your thoughts. 

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