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We love the start of September.  Bristol looks gorgeous  – amazing light and big, big skies – and there’s a new term buzz about business. It’s like New Year, without the hangovers or the pressure to make resolutions. A chance to refocus and make a determined bid to make the absolute best of the rest of the year.
After a fantastic year, focus is something that’s been bubbling away in our minds since before the summer break.  What do we want Valuable Content to be known as? What do we really change for our clients? What’s the biggest difference we make? (Tell us what you think– we’d love to know!) And the hundred million pound question - what makes us happiest? 
They’re good questions to ask of you and your business too.  It’s a different framing of success – not just where’s the profit in what you offer, but what’s the meaning in what you do? And before you think that the sun and the West Country air has gone to our heads, there is a commercial benefit to knowing what you stand for and nailing your colours to the mast.
Without focus it’s easy for your offer, as well as your time, to become fragmented. Without focus it’s hard to make plans and prioritize. 
Tell a simple and meaningful story that people like and they will get behind you. (tweetable) The companies that are most successful with content marketing are those that are crystal clear about what they offer. They’re the ones that have something to say that truly resonates with the people they want to engage.  
What do you stand for?  
It’s a big question – and we know it’s hard to answer. Sometimes just voicing it is a good way to start feeling your way. If you want to start the process now by telling us then we’d love to help you. You can hit reply here and we’ll get back to you.
Happy thinking!
Best wishes
Sharon and Sonja
P.S…We’ll write again at the end of the month to announce the Valuable Content Award winner.
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