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April 2012 | Issue 17



This month we recommend Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.  
An often shocking expose of the psychological tricks and traps that advertisers use to manipulate us into buying their products. No wonder marketing has a bad name! Enough is enough. It is time for a more principled approach. 


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Success tips for your marketing
If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you'll know that we have finally handed in the manuscript for our book - hooray! During the book research we interviewed a lot of fascinating people - from big businesses to one-man bands - who are getting great results from their marketing. We asked each of them for their tips for success. Our lead article this month kicks off our new Valuable Tips series, sharing what we learned along the way.

Valuable Content Award

This month's valuable content award goes to Tony Restell and the team at Top Consultant. We heard some great stories during the course of our research but Top Consultant's tale was one of the most compelling. Find out how a valuable approach to marketing has helped Top Consultant to achieve sustainable business success. 
Congratulations Top Consultant! Your award is on its way. For more websites, content and stories to inspire you check out previous Valuable Content Award Winners.

The best marketing content from around the web

And finally...

What is valuable content? You'd think we would have covered this, but we realise that we've never answered the question head on. Read Sonja's article on what makes a piece of content truly valuable here. 

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