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What are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to your content?  Is it finding the time to write? Knowing what to write about? Understanding how to write well? Sharing that content in the right places? Making the most of technology? 

We asked this question recently and it threw up some very different answers to the ones we were expecting. 

Time to stop making assumptions 

We ran our first ‘How to Make Content Marketing Work For You’ training course for small business owners this month, and were struck by the questions that people asked, and the parts of the course that they found most useful.  

Faces really lit up around some of the stuff we thought might be too basic. ‘How to actually write good content’ including things like ‘write shorter sentences’ and ‘use more full stops’ really hit home. Similarly a simple exercise to help people understand what kind of content would be right for their audience made light bulbs pop over heads. ‘What to write, and how to write it’ is right at the core of how we help our clients, and being reminded of that simple truth was an eye-opener. Do any of these challenges hit home for you?

‘Ask the right questions’ is something we say to our clients a lot, but like much back-to-basics wisdom, it’s easy to forget to do yourselves! 

What do your customers find most challenging?

Have you asked your customers recently what they really find most challenging? 

When you’re working hard and keeping up with industry developments the temptation can be to assume that your customers are on the same trajectory as you. Yet more than likely your customers, (and certainly your newest contacts) will be finding their feet with the basics rather than wanting your steer on the latest buzz words.  

That’s not to say you should get stuck in a rut content-wise – it’s good to keep experimenting – but as we’ve just been reminded, it’s important not to forget your heartland. Keep asking the questions that define where that place is, and stay true to it. It will make the biggest difference to your content. 

So, what do you find hardest about content marketing?

With this in mind, we want to know what you find hardest about content marketing.  

We were going to send you a survey, but that presupposes that we know what you’ll say, and we want to give you an absolutely free rein to tell us what you really find hardest of all. 

So, please do tell us anything at all, in your own words – even a one-word reply will be really helpful – hit the reply button and tell us here and now! Go go go!

You’ll be helping us out hugely here. We want to make sure the next edition of our book is the most useful content marketing resource for business owners on the market! 

>>Tell us what your biggest content challenge is <<

As a little thank you, we’ll credit you in the book for your help. We’re right here, waiting for your reply!

Many thanks, and have a great month. 

Sonja and Sharon

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