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The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, so this month we’re making a strong case for content that makes us feel lighter. 
Humour and creativity are often overlooked by businesses trying to get a message across. Business is serious, right? Well, yes it is, but that doesn’t mean that your content needs to always wear a suit and tie. Make us laugh or smile and we want to share the feeling.
Humour is great fuel for spreading your content further. It connects people. It makes us feel alive (tweetable).
Too often the web and social media can feel like that Armstrong and Miller sketch when the man strides down the corridor while people chase him shouting facts. It’s easy to ignore the same old same old Serious and Important Stuff being barked at you. Stumble across something different that makes you smile, and you’ll want to stop. However busy we are we all like to smile. 
Even the pensions world can make us smile
This month’s Valuable Content Award goes to courageous pensions and benefits advisory firm Hymans Robertson for a very creative campaign in one of the most suited and tied business sectors we know. If you can make people laugh and smile in when it comes to workplace pensions you must be doing something right!
Marketing director Terri Lucas answers our questions about the brilliant Hymans Robertson Mr Feelgood campaign, and the unprecedented results it’s delivered for the business in terms of leads, sales and positive PR. She told us, 
“You have to be brave to choose the funny and creative route. We were nervous but we were confident enough to give it a go and it's really made us stand out.” 
How to lighten up your content
So what can you do to lighten up your content? Stop and look around you. Take inspiration from great stuff. 
Sharon was inspired by a great talk from Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners at the Inbound Marketing Conference last week where he spoke of the need to create ‘Home Run’ content – the big pieces that fire your ideas further. Humour was a vital part of the content that scored highly. 
Doug’s (very funny) advice for your content was to just ‘steal widely’ and from the very best. He wasn’t talking about plagiarism, and he didn’t mean that shoe horning Tommy Cooper’s joke book into your blogs would suddenly make them brilliant – what he meant was to be inspired by the things that really strike a chord with you.
It’s a brave approach – Doug said that the very best content they have created always makes them sweat. If whatever you’re thinking of creating makes you worry ‘we can’t possibly do that,’ then you’re on the right lines.
Dare to be different
Our advice for making a big impact is 'take a risk.'  Walk away from the narrow confines of what other businesses are doing – seek inspiration from the best films, novelists, musicians, even advertising campaigns and apply those principles to the content you create. What genuinely makes you laugh out loud? What makes you click 'share' even when you're super busy? That’s the feeling you need to replicate with your content if you really want it to fly.
As Terri says ‘Take the creative route and dare to be different.’
What inspires you? What feeling would you love to replicate with your next big piece of content? Do hit reply and tell us, we’d really love to know. 
Finally do check out our ghost written Halloween post for a festival of spooky puns.
And if you haven’t seen it – watch Armstrong and Miller’s Information here
See you next month!
Sharon and Sonja
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