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Have you heard the rumour? We hardly dare say it but …. shhhh….come a little closer, we’ll whisper it quietly…content marketing’ is just a front!’ 

We think it’s time to strip away the mask of marketing jargon and reveal content marketing’s true identity. For content marketing is the foot soldier of a far wider-reaching business campaign– and it’s a very, very exciting one for a company like yours.

Here’s the secret agenda that we think content marketing has been hiding for too long, and why we should all be proud to be part of this particular revolution.  

More than a marketing technique

Content marketing has touched down like a hurricane sweeping through marketing land; devastating old thinking, laying waste to the faceless mass email spew out, putting a halt to interruptive techniques like cold calling and waging war with spam. Extraordinary victories, you must admit, certainly worthy of a medal or two!

But ‘content marketing’ is a funny term isn’t it – a bit cold, and clinical. Some people have seized on it as a technique, like SEO that can be applied and manipulated to boost page views and create engagement.

We know it’s not just a marketing technique because it just won’t work if you apply it like that. It’s not something you can bolt on.  You can’t just yell ‘bring me content marketing!’ then lie back and wait for the magic to work. It just doesn’t happen like that. 

People come to ask for our help in making content marketing work for their businesses. We warn them that to get success the work goes very deep – turning old structures upside down, and involving many more people than just your marketing team.  No small task and not for the fainthearted. 

The real truth

The real truth we see? Content marketing is just a cover, a front for a new way of doing business: customer-focused business. It’s changing businesses by stealth to do right by their customers – that’s its true agenda.  

Now people have been waxing lyrical about customer-focused business for decades but we haven’t seen much evidence of this until now. Marketing is leading the revolution. Content marketing is forcing businesses to turn themselves inside out – from thinking of themselves first, to thinking about providing true value to their customers.  

Prepare yourself for big change

So like many people we’re lukewarm on the ‘content marketing’ term. But what it stands for – that’s what we love. 

Content marketing stands for human business; business that delivers some value to the world, whether or not people buy from you; it’s about connecting people to people – delivering the early promises of the web; empowered commerce, helping; not selling; business with a wider purpose – and we are right behind all that. It only works if you care. 

So if you want to make content marketing work for your business? Prepare yourself for BIG CHANGE. This is not the latest marketing fad; it’s the spearhead of a revolution in business practice. 

That’s why we love it. Are you with us?

Do let us know.

Sonja and Sharon

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