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Valuable Content | Newsletter | June 2011
What's all this about new marketing?

Old style marketing is having a hard time. Traditional PR struggles to make an impact, telesales puts off more people than it converts, advertising costs more than it's worth.

And the phrase ‘new marketing’ is popping up everywhere. You can’t surf the net for more than five minutes before tripping over references to new marketing, or content marketing, or permission marketing, or inbound marketing.  

It can be confusing, so we thought we’d give you our take on it. We’ve untangled some of the jargon, so you know what’s what, and we’ve drawn a line in the sand to show you where we stand. 

Basically, we think it’s a good thing - it gets a thumbs up from us.

And if you want to know why, read on:

Sonja ask Is Content Marketing the Only Marketing Left? READ

Sharon explains Why Your Clients Prefer New Marketing READ



Valuable Content Heroes

Our crop of amazing Valuable Content Award Winners for June 2011:

Web design company Newfangled for their superb site (both content and design) and the very best of targeted propositions, all for the love of agencies. We love the newsletter they produce to educate and empower the agency world on all things web. In fact we love everything about their content! Follow and learn from the best –

Relevant Risk provides risk management for events. Their website is a real knowledge hub with tips, opinion and how to guides. It's evident they really know their stuff and want to educate and help their buyers. First class -

David Meerman Scott - long running blogger of the highest order and author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR book - one of the inspirations behind the Valuable Content proposition. This award is particularly for going the extra mile with the valuable giveaway he links from this article on marketing strategy - READ

Professional services business development consultant Ian Brodie for his blog-based website and thought provoking insights that generate the leads he needs so he never has to pick up the phone:

Congratulations to you all. If you've found a business that you think deserves a Valuable Content Award, please let us know.

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with your company website or web strategy, if you’re thinking about creating a valuable blog, download, article, case study or business book, or looking for clarity on what you do we'd love to help.Offer: 10% off our fees for all newsletter subscr

Do get in touch: 00 44 (0)7974 398906.

Do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for the next issue. Have a good

Valuable Resources:

Sonja's top content this month

An excellent article from Hinge Marketing - Traditional vs. Digital Marketing - READ

How to Design a Website (so it works) - brilliant advice from Pearsonified - READ

Sharon's tips to help you write it better

Be concise and tighten up your editing - How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer from Copyblogger - READ

Valuable Content News

New Clients

Welcome to new clients Ascentor, Fast Track, PACE, and Comet. Really interesting companies with very different stories to tell. We're looking forward to creating some first class content for you.

New Valuable Content Website

The HR Service Centre is born: Packed with useful information on HR for small businesses. A flexible, content-rich platform that will grow and grow. We particularly like the free HR assessment tool – if you run a small business give it a try.

Valuable Business Books

Thinking of writing a business book?

You'll find articles here to help and inspire you - READ
We understand from first hand experience just how hard this can be by yourself. We're writing our own! Good news this week – we sent off our book proposal and have some very encouraging feedback from a well-respected publisher. Keep you fingers crossed for us! We'll let you know how it goes.

Business Book Success

Heather Townsend has sold over 1000 copies of
her book one week before the publish date, making it one of FTPH's best selling books! Wow! Looking forward to the launch, Heather.

Are you serious about writing a high quality business book in 2011? We'd love to help you make it a reality.

Find out more about our business book coaching services here - READ 

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