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February 2012 | Issue 15

This month we recommend Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan
It's the hottest new social network with millions signing up every day. Chris shows us how to get results. 

“The key in social media is to share things of value.”
Charles H. Green, Trusted Advisor

Content for Social Media

“Social media is either a time-wasting, wool-gathering, yak-shaving waste of effort or, perhaps, just maybe, it’s a crack in the wall between you and the rest of the world. It’s a choice.”Seth Godin

Creating fantastically valuable content for your marketing is vital, but great content doesn’t spread itself.  Without help it can sit on your website, untroubled by visitors, and not reach the desks and minds of the people it was written to engage. Something is needed to get your content from A to B, and that something is social media. Find out more in our Valuable Guide to Social Media.

Valuable Content Hero

Our Valuable Content Award for February goes out twice this month:
The team at EnduranceLife for their valuable Facebook feed. They attracted 15,000 Facebook fans in just 12 months by sharing information that the endurance sports community couldn't do without. It's filling their endurance events and helping them achieve their ambition to grow EnduranceLife into a global lifestyle brand. Read their top tips for building an engaged Facebook community here - Find Andrew Barker's Facebook marketing story here.
The second award this month goes to Inksters - a very forward-thinking Scottish law firm. Blogs, Twitter, video and podcasts and a stack of valuable content - this firm has it all. A very worthy winner of a Valuable Content Award. 
Congratulations, EnduranceLife and Inksters! Your awards are on their way. For previous winners, take a look at the Valuable Content Award Winners Page on our website.

Thinking about writing a business book?

There is a confusing array of publishing options out there today. We look at the pros and cons of each route and share the reasons why we chose to publish our new book Valuable Content Marketing the traditional way with Kogan Page. 

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