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Does your frame of mind affect the content you create? 

We think so. And we’re not alone in thinking that way. Our friend Doug Kessler says: 

Great content happens when the people making it are enjoying it.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re bored by what you’re creating it’s hard – if not impossible – to write anything that inspires. If nothing about it makes you smile, you’re unlikely to make your readers feel good.

When you’re enjoying what you’re doing it’s easier to be creative, to write with warmth and wit, and to pull people into your world with the words and images you choose.  The greatest content comes from people who love what they do – and care about the people they are in business for. 

Can you create valuable content if you are miserable?

So are we saying you can’t create valuable content if you’re miserable? Kind of, but not exactly. What we’re saying is you can’t create valuable content if you don’t care about the people you’re creating it for. Genuinely wanting to help your customers will make you feel good, and that feel-good feeling will shine through the content you create.  

If everything you try to write makes your heart sink, maybe it’s time to look for another job. Find something you love to do, and content marketing (and everything else in life!) will become much easier.

Happiness is infectious

Working with happy companies is part of our strategy. Two of our clients - Project One and Hymans Robertson - are on the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list – and that's not an accident. Motivated staff feel valued and fulfilled which makes it easier for us to help them to create great content. And just look at Desynit – the fun they have as a team shines through the content they produce. You can’t fake this and readers of their content feel it. Happiness is infectious! 

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Content we’ve loved this month And finally, a big thank you!

… to all of you lovely people who voted for our book. Valuable Content Marketing won the community vote for marketing book of the year in the international Small Business Book Awards of 2014! Thanks to Bryony Thomas too for nominating us, and for pushing us out of our comfort zone and onto the radio to promote it! It’s been really good fun. We’d have been proud if either of us won – Watertight Marketing is a brilliant book, and we love working with Bryony. Let’s hear it for the Bristol Marketing Ladies!

Best wishes

Sonja and Sharon

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(For Maya Angelou – your words will always inspire us: And Still I Rise)
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