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The start of the party season, and the planning for our VC Christmas celebrations has made us think about the way we make people feel this time of year. This lovely quote from Maya Angelou has been ringing in our ears. 

"I’ve learnt that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

That’s as true for businesses as it is for people. A business that makes people feel good will fly far (tweetable). Smiling and listening comes naturally when we meet people face to face, but sometimes these important feel good factors get lost when they’re translated into a website. And as your website is your business by proxy, it’s smart to do all you can to make it as feel good as possible.

So, pour yourself a mulled wine, untangle the tinsel, and get ready for our Christmassy ‘plan your website like a party’ tips.’ 

How to make your website like the best party ever
  1. Greet your guests warmly. Say a big ‘hello’ to make people feel welcome. Offer to show them around if it’s their first time at your place. Look at how the master of websites Chris Brogan does it. You know you're in safe hands. 

  2. Put your face on and make sure you're dressed the part. Your style could be beautiful design and minimal clutter like Hiut Denim if that's what floats your boat. Or it could be all singing, all dancing colourful craziness like Lings Cars. Be true to yourself, do it with style, and you’ll attract like-minded types. 

  3. Be a fixer. The best party hosts know exactly who you should meet, and make a beeline to introduce you to them. Recreate this on your website by offering clear instructions on where to go next and who to meet (We like the work put into a simple UX on Wealth Horizon).

  4. Create a buzz. It’s good to know you’re at a party with all the cool kids. Great testimonials from famous types make people feel like they’ve come to the right place. Look at the way our friend Henneke does it on Enchanting Marketing.

  5. Host some great conversations. Ask good questions, stand back and open it up for comment – this post from VC worked well that way. Forums and comments get people involved, deepening their relationship with you.

  6. Quieter corners. Allow people to step away from the crowd and talk in more detail. Webinars like Newfangled’s take the conversation to the next level.

  7. Play some stupid games. Really! Just look at Ling’s game! (You might need to lie down in a dark room afterwards). Don’t underestimate the value of making people smile – people remember how you make them feel.

  8. Throw the car keys into a bowl. Host a (cough) different sort of party altogether. Check out the fun Sugru are having with their ‘Joy of Fix’ campaign. The combination of big beards, bad hair and seventies styling is joyously brilliant. You won’t forget this party in a hurry!

  9. Be generous. Going home presents make people happy. Download this guide, have a free poster, what can you giveaway to make your guests want to return for more?  

  10. Share pictures. Lots of lovely photos after the event will tempt people back again. Inspiring images like those shared by Sands Beach Resort make the memories last longer.

  11. Keep partying for longer. Had a great time? Don't be a stranger! Continue the party – offer up membership of our community, keep in touch on social networks, or join the club, like Project One

12 days of Valuable Content Awards

Talking of presents – we'll be giving out some gifts of our own over the next 12 days. Look out for 12 very special valuable content awards for websites and content that's blown us away this year.

We start with an award for the one and only Henneke Dusitersmaat. Congratulations, Henneke!

More to come and plenty of learnings to take from this so watch this space! 

£20,000 of marketing giveaways

Our friend Bryony Thomas of Watertight Marketing has created an advent calendar with a difference. Behind each door there's a gift to support your business growth in 2015. Every day, from now until Christmas Eve, there's a daily give away, so it’s well worth a look.
With £20,000 of marketing prizes up for grabs (including one or two from us) it should get you and your business into the Christmas spirit and set you up for next year.

Good luck and enjoy the run up to Christmas. 

Sonja and Sharon
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