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From Nolwenn Barre Petitbois

Summer 2012

Welcome !

Welcome to the new subscribers, thank you for joining Inner Whispers and showing interest in what I do.
I am so happy to have you here and hope to connect with you through this NewsLetter.

I hope you are having a blast this summer, and that all the parents out there are not on the edge of burning out, finding ways to keep the kids busy *smells like personal experience there... oops*.

As you can see, I am slowly but surely changing the name I use, adding my Maiden name to my married name. I will do a proper blogpost about the why-s soon. Just don't be surprised by the «Barre Petitbois» you see here.

Listening to the Whispers

My process is an everchanging thing. I don't know if it is because of all the inspiration I soak in, because of the classes I learn from, or simply because I am the one changing along the way.

I used to be scared whenever changes appeared in my creative process. Always wondering «is it the right thing ?» or «how will it impact the way people feel when they see my art ?». Honestly, it was a tad bit tiring emotionally.

Not that long ago, I was praying to be put on the right path to find what was missing in my art, something I could not pinpoint and left me very frustrated at that time. It makes me sad to like what was coming out from me but not love it, if that makes sense.
But thanks to some other amazing artists sharing their own process (like Flora Bowley and Mindy Lacefield for example), showing me it is OKAY to listen to the whispers, to let the inspiration come to life, to allow whatever it is that wants to appear.

I am trusting that there are absolutely no coincidence and that the Nixies and Sprixies, and even the few abstract (!!!) pieces are all there for a positive reason. For me, and for you who I share them with.
I am listening to the whispers telling me not to be ashamed and to add this little something something called Reiki, or just Universal Energy, once it is done.
It teaches me to do art for me first, not caring too much about people's reactions afterwards (this truly is the hardest part).

Are you listening to your Inner Whispers ? What do they say to you ? Give it a try, and trust that they are right.

Two new {Painting In Motion} videos !

I recorded two new {Painting In Motion} videos in the couple past months. If you are not familiar with my videos, I record my painting process (and sometimes my art journaling process as well).
I hope you'll enjoy, please tell me what you think (please click on the images to watch the videos):

Newest Artwork

As you can see, I am having fun getting out of my comfort zone and bringing my Universe and what inspires me deeply into these new pieces. I am having tons of fun and it is taking me huge leaps of faith.


Let's get to know each other !

Here are the places where we can connect:

21 Secrets playground new price

As you may know, I am one of the 21 current artists teaching in this online art journaling focused playground called 21 Secrets.
21 art classes all gathered at the same place, techniques and more are on a rendez-vous there. My class, «Journaling your HEart out» is more on the therapeutic process side, i love what is happening from it.
Recently, the price has dropped from $59 to $45 !!! and you can access everything until January 2013. Learn more right here.


Who does not love a little coupon to purchase great stuff ?
Just because I am really thankful for you, you can use the coupon code «innerwhispers» at checkout to get 15% off your order this month (August 2012).
The shop: Inner Worlds is where it is happening.
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