Essene Perspective Volume 4, Number 19
May 12, 2018
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The Sunday show with guests: BlogTalkRadio link is below...

—Sunday Show: Dr. Sam Osmanagich: Pyramids, Lesson 2

—Technology Old And New: The Lure Of Convenience

—Simplicity, Observation, Wisdom: Bringing Them Back

Dear Lost Arts Radio Listener,

I hope you got to hear the first show we did with Dr. Sam Osmanagich about 3-months ago ( That show was fun for me, kind of like having a real-life Indiana Jones here to visit with us. I recommend you try to listen to that one first before hearing the show that will air Sunday night if you can. That first conversation went by in a flash and I was hoping Dr. Osmanagich ( would come back and continue our exploration of the hidden mysteries of pyramids. Sunday night is when that will happen. This time though, the focus of our discussion will be broader. We will be looking at pyramids all over the world. Dr. Osmanagich is the perfect guide for our virtual tour. He has personally visited and studied pyramids in numerous countries, found patterns in their construction and function that reveal much more about them than you may have heard before. And he has written books on what he has learned, which you can read free of charge ( Apparently there are others that agree with him that this knowledge is important, as the "authorities" in various countries (including the United States) have done all they can to keep the real understanding of what the pyramids are and how they function a secret. This kind of thing usually means the information being hidden is valid, we have seen it in so many situations, like some kind of government seal of approval.

In our first show with Dr. Osmanagich, he explained several clues to the incredible consciousness that the builders of the pyramids must have possessed. Just the physical construction is something that could not be matched by the modern building technologies we have today. Moving and precisely assembling the huge numbers of massive stones is far beyond current knowledge. The extremely accurate directional orientation of the pyramids, plus the geometrical ratios evident in the massive structures seem to be connected to the energy that radiates out of them. And the energy is very different than the microwave frequencies of the wireless infrastructure, that currently threaten the existence of every life form on Earth. The energies being deployed now are clearly destructive, whereas the energies generated by pyramids are healing. Big difference, and it speaks to the massive difference in consciousness between those who built the pyramids, and those who rule our world today. In Sunday night's discussion, we'll have an opportunity to see what pyramids all over the world have in common, and to get Dr. Osmanagich's insight into what those patterns and similarities mean for us today.

To the many who have done some real digging into what is behind all the threats to humanity and the biosphere that we face now, it is clear that technologies are being designed and deployed with the intent to cause harm, on an individual level (the people innocently using wireless technologies, for example), but also all the way up to harm on a global scale. The examples are many, and they have been the focus of numerous shows on Lost Arts Radio. The idea is that understanding the problems gives us a better chance to create solutions.

For thousands of years, rulers on this planet have been diligently working on their plans for domination and ultimate extermination of life. They have used many clever approaches to get us to opt in to our own destruction. One of the most effective we see playing out now is the lure of "convenience." Massive increases in the number of cell towers are going to make calling 911 so much faster and easier. 5G towers outside our window will allow us to download videos in a flash. It's going to be great! Eating garbage food at a drive through saves you so much time, you don't have to think about making your own food, and who knows, you could probably pick up your food at the drive-up window without even having to get off the phone. Think of how much time you'll save by doing everything at once. And with the "internet of things," which 5G will make possible, even your appliances will know everything you are doing and saying, and they will help you plan your day in the most efficient, Earth-friendly way, shutting down when you make a bad choice to use more energy than you really need. And just think about how much time you'll save by not having to go to the drug store to get your flu shot anymore. The jets that now fly worldwide controlling the climate by spraying toxic metals and more into the atmosphere for us to breathe (yes, in case you don't know, that's already going on right over your head), those same planes can spray us with vaccines so everyone will be up to date! What a relief. In fact worry itself will be a thing of the past, once you receive the vaccine that eats the centers in your brain connected with worrying and stress (yes, it's already developed, waiting to be made mandatory with all the others). Wait, does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? How could there be any problems when the technologies are so advanced?

The problem of course, is consciousness, and intent. These are reflected in the type of technologies that are developed. Currently, the bottom line problem we face is that we have malevolent individuals controlling what goes on in the world. Most of the positions of power global corporations and their partner government agencies have been infiltrated by these people. Of course in reality, they are victims too, not realizing the law of nature that says when you intend and do harm to others, it comes back to you multiplied. Their natural empathy for others is turned off, so they go ahead with their agendas of damage and destruction. While we may be put in positions requiring self-defense or defense of others, the ultimate solutions in dealing with the overall situation and all the individual threats to our survival, is not to destroy these people, but to heal them. And it just happens that their biggest fear is that we may discover we have the ability to do just that.

How do we get back the consciousness that would allow us to heal ourselves and even those planning our demise? We have fallen a long way from our natural state, in which those abilities were ours to use. But we are still the same incredible beings we were long ago. A bit of hypnosis-induced amnesia, nothing that cannot be cured. Honest simplicity and observation of ourselves is a place to start. Nothing is as it seems, and the key to changing the outside world is to be found inside us. It takes work, but not the stressful kind we usually think of. This kind of work is the opposite. Deep relaxation combined with clear observation of ourselves can become a habit, to replace our tendency to constantly critique everyone but ourselves. Careful, relaxed observation of our thought and emotional patterns, seeing that these are programs and are changeable, then learning how to act on that realization, this can lead to wisdom and deep life changes. What we lost long ago can still be found.

If you are one of those who seriously wants to put deeper understanding into practice in everyday life, don't forget to join us on the new special Saturday show, which is now a working group (we started in January), a club for people interested in actually doing the work required to achieve higher energy levels, better health and expanded consciousness. This new weekly meeting is just for people who want to at least explore how to make these changes in their own lives. I've been telling you since January, that on this new Saturday show, we'll get more deeply into how to accomplish major life upgrades and makeovers for yourself, no matter where your starting point may be. We are not in competition with each other for this kind of awareness, we're here to encourage and help each other, mainly by becoming examples ourselves to show others what they can also do. You may want to join us in the Saturday meetings of the new Planetary Healing Club, if you're ready to do this work ( Also watch for free youtube videos on this topic to be posted to the Lost Arts Radio YouTube Channel, and the regular, still public, Sunday guest show.

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You can hear each of our shows, with special guests, on Sunday at 9pm EST / 6pm PST,, and the Call-in show Saturday evenings at the same times, each week. The Saturday show (, changed over to a new, members-only, video format in January. This was done both because of needing a bit more legal security to discuss the sensitive material of the Saturday show, and as a way to generate the funds we need to keep our work going and expand it into the projects we have waiting to start, but without hyping products to raise the money.

The information shared in the live show on Saturday will be real and powerful, and as a club member ($10 minimum monthly donation), you'll be invited to be part of the new video shows. Listen online or by phone at 657-383-1002 on Sunday, and for the Saturday evening show, once you sign up for the new platform, you will receive full details and your personal link to join us, including full access to video archives. I'm personally inviting you to do that and even call-in to participate on air if you would like to, it would be great to talk with you in "real time." Archives of the Sunday show and the Saturday show through December 2017 are available for free, on-demand, on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, or at, as well as (don't forget to subscribe and 'like' the YouTube posts, this helps our videos to be seen by more people).

Lost Arts Radio is a separate entity from Lost Arts Research Institute (an IRS-approved non-profit charity), whose work is researching and teaching information on health and consciousness. Donations to the non-profit Research Institute and dues for the new Planetary Healing Club ( help all of our work continue and expand (donate button on both and When funds allow, we intend to build an educational facility, where what we talk about, in terms of forgotten laws of nature and natural health principles, can be demonstrated and experienced. In the meantime, I encourage you to be brave and venture outside the box of conventional beliefs, find out what your real abilities are, and help heal our world by healing yourself first. It's the biggest secret, and it's waiting for you.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene Teacher and Private Health Consultant
The Water Cure - My Observations by Richard Sacks, host of
Lost Arts Radio


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Richard Sacks
Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965.  Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and "aging," by natural means.  Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health status on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Visit for more information.
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