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Taste of Summer

A Love Letter from Lustre

To All of My Summer Loves,

Wow, what an exciting start to the summer! Clive is open and in full force if you haven't noticed. The Lustres' in our life are shining. Lustre Portland is finally ready to start construction, and Lustre Pearl Houston is moving as quickly as these things do. And as usual, we are working diligently on some other fun projects!

I laughed as I thought of typical summer vacations as a child and will share a portal into my very dysfunctional childhood during the summers.

My family took a vacation every summer— whether in my Dad's latest favorite Mercedes at the time or the VW Van with the Camper Pop Up Top (Yes!). It was always a long drive while my parents fought with each other, and the three of us fought in the back seat. My Dad would pull the front mirror down (in between fighting with my Mom), and swat at us back handily with his nostrils flared, or in his best moments, when he was tired of swatting, he would pull over on the side of the freeway to spank us! The real deal. Can you imagine driving on a highway and seeing that now? In 2022? Three kids on the side of the road getting spanked with a belt? Oh, the memories. Our saving grace was the Radio Shack CB Radio my Dad listened to keep up on speed traps and other road issues.

IT SEEMS COMICAL when I think back on it now, but it was pure torture to us kids. Our only saving grace was sneaking on the radio when he wasn't in the van. "Breaker 1-9, this is the DBus; what's your 20?" Or My favorite was Rubber Duckey; See any Smokeys?" Unfortunately, we did not have the CB to talk on when we were in his Mercedes. So instead, the three of us would take turns sleeping in the top window (yes, hello 70's), and the other got the seat, and the last little fucker would get the floor with the "hump" in it, as we would call it for naps, resting or trying to elude a sibling or minimize the chaos of my parents' bickering. I did mention that there were three of us kids in the back seat? 

We would pull over at night and camp when we did have the VW Van with the camper top. While we were camping (yikes) my parents started fighting at the KOA Campground late at night. That night, I had the luxury of the pop-top that evening to myself. Unfortunately, I did not appreciate their same loud banter with each other. So I climbed down and out of the camper and, in pure Lustre style, told them loudly to shut the fuck up! My Brother and Sister were scared for me when I came back in the van—scared of the retaliation of my Dad for telling him to zip it. Ummm, you didn't do that to him. But I didn't care. I was trying to enjoy the luxury of the pop-top in silence.

It is no wonder that when I started putting together this DunlapATX Galactic Headquarters Summer Newsletter, I immediately thought of the movie "Vacation." Where Chevy Chase takes his family on a cross-country drive to the Walley World theme park where it seems – anything that can go wrong does! Clark's intentions are always good. He wants his family to spend time together and have fun. It's what any dad, or most, wants for his family when on vacation.

May all your summer vacations be full of fun and good memories this year. Also, Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there who try their best to give your families the trip of a lifetime! 

Thank you all for always being there to support our DunlapATX Family. Have a great summer, and if you run into Clark Griswold and his family, send them my love.

All of my hot, humid, sweaty summer love to you all,


Lustre Pearl Portland 

We finally received our building permits! Follow along for updates as we plan to open in a few months. 


Lustre Pearl Houston

Coming soon to EaDo 2023! Follow us for future updates. 



We love seeing Lustre hats repped all around the world!  #wheresmylustrepearlhat



Devin Gilbert
Bartender at Clive 

Q: What's your favorite part about working at Clive?
A: My favorite part about working at Clive is the team that I have around me. From the top to the bottom I've never worked with a better crew and I love the family feel that we all have. On top of working at the biggest baddest bar in the city the environment we've created makes me love being at work everyday! 

Q: What do you like to do on your days off from bartending?
A: On my days off from bartending I like to get out and see the city and experience what Austin culture is all about. I am still new to ATX so it's a whole new world out here for me, and the fact I get to explore it with the lady makes it all the better. 

Q: What is your favorite drink to make for customers?
A: My favorite drink to make for customers is something I came up with called "Don't Blame Me" because whether you love it, hate it, or end up asleep in your best friends bath tub, don't blame me! It's easy, light and refreshing and they always love it especially when it's 100 degrees outside. Made with Tito's, passion fruit, lime juice, pineapple and sprite. 

Q: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would easily be Crawfish! I eat Crawfish at least twice a week and never get tired of it, BUT it has to be burn my lips off painfully spicy! I always joke and call myself the CrawDaddy! 



Father's Day at Lustre Pearl South

Celebrate 4th of July with us 

Now serving breakfast and lunch at Matador 

Lustre Pearl South
Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm

Happy Pride Month! 



Every Monday Night
@Lustre Pearl East 
Hosted by Angelina Martin & Brandi Davis 
Sign up 8pm - Show 8:30pm


Every Sunday
@Lustre Pearl Denver
Suns out, buns out for Sunday Funday! 


Every Tuesday
@Lustre Pearl East 8pm
Come hungry! Where else could you still order 2 tacos and get them alongside a cold Pacifico in Austin for $10.


Every Sunday
@Lustre Pearl South 8pm
Straighten your bangs, paint your nails and have a good cry with DJ Slantic the Tablets. Half off everything for service industry.


Every Tuesday
@Lustre Pearl Denver 
All day and night Cazadores specials! 


Every 2nd Sunday 
@Clive 10pm
Come Sunday funday with Austin Silent Disco! 


Every Tuesday
@Lustre Pearl South 6:30pm
Enjoy a $5 frozen marg and tacos from Matador!


Every game
@Lustre Pearl East
Grab a cold one and watch each game on our big screen or in our courtyard! 



@All bars
Cool off with some Rosé on June 11th! 


@All bars
Stop by on June 14th for a tasty Bourbon cocktail to celebrate! 


@Lustre Pearl South
June 11th 3-8pm
Eat, drink and shop local every 2nd Saturday of the month!


@Lustre Pearl South 
June 18th 7-11pm
Groovy vibes and good times with local markers and creatives! 
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