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3rd Quarter 2021

A Love Letter from Lustre

To all my dearest loves and to those that don’t yet know how much I care:

I want to say thank you for coming back to all of my places in full force when we were able to re-open again. My gratitude for everyone’s support is immense and unbounded. There are no words that would convey it with any justice, so I will simply and deeply say ‘thank you.’

I’m going to share a secret with you: the past pandemic year was pure hell, mentally exhausting, financially debilitating and then some. We, as my own family and our Dunlap ATX family, kept our shit together (for the most part). Just like everyone. The lack of not knowing what we were going into, while trying to stay healthy and the constant wonder if this was really happening seems so fuzzy and hazy, like a bad dream. My frontal lobes let me forget the rest of the details so that I could continue working on Lustre South and all the other hard things so I could continue living, taking care of my family, smiling, laughing and loving…

But as I write this, the fur in the front of my mind does release a little Covid dust and lets me go back there in my mind and I am reminded of the horrific, stressful and chilling time to say the least but guess what? No surprise. My family and our Dunlap ATX family are solid, strong and unwavering. A lot of us have been together for 10+ years, and we just did-–we worked together, we never showed fear if anyone else was feeling it, we came together and worked as a team—and did it in the rat-frying heat.

We might have given some side eyes to each other (or that was probably just me) but we stood firm and remained amalgamated—UNITED.

For that, I want to thank all of my Dunlap ATX family that stayed and didn’t question shit, be it a pay decrease or anything for that matter that was interrupting a pretty cozy existence we have all become accustomed to. There was trust. There was a foundation. They held us up and together when we needed it. It helped stabilize everything. So, if you’re ever looking for a fight or a tussle, I'll say, walk on. For your own sake you don’t wanna play with this Dunlap ATX family. Together, we are going to whoop some ass without breaking a sweat.

There are times when we all drive each other crazy and talk shit and say that shit out loud. However we are quite civilized when we need to be and, most importantly, we are also earnest and steadfast in our belief in each other. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to make us strong. It had become us against the world, a pandemic world at that. 

We survived. We survived when there were a time or two that I wasn’t sure if we were going to. Today we are back in business and we are thriving. Fucking survivors. That is what we are.

I want to thank  my leaders. I don’t want to name everybody because, well, that’s boring. Besides, the leaders are leaders, and they know who I’m referring to. (I know there was a tall, bald-headed one that Bridget likes at the helm.)

Ok. Now let’s get back to you: our clients, customers, regulars and friends. Thank you for all your love and support. I don’t know everyone’s Covid situation and I don’t want to, but I am sure there was a lot of fear, hardships, loss, death, sickness, loneliness and all the other heavy darkness that came with that cataclysmic event. You are fucking survivors. I am grateful and happy to see you all back in full force.

If I leave you with one thing just know that I notice things, I feel good spirits and energies, and I see the things we all have: strength, smarts, finesse, muscle, vigor and fucking brawn. Yes my dears, that is us and I love us. 

Lastly, thank you all of you out there supporting our new babe Lustre Pearl South and her cousins Vida and Lil Mama. She is one fabulous family affair, and she’s grateful as well.

Let’s keep this rollercoaster rolling. I am not done yet.

All of my love,
Lustre Pearl



Pride month's celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and tribute to Stonewall was anything but contained! Our drinks were as delicious as those out on our dance floor.


Had a blast at the launch party of Austin grown Ranch Rider in Denver. Excited to bring a little more Austin to the RiNo District.


Now Open on South Manchaca Road!

Sun - Thurs
11am - Midnight

Fri + Sat
11am - 2am

Kid friendly until 7pm

Food Trucks:
Cornhole in the yard at Lustre Pearl South


They say everything’s bigger in Texas and our boy Clive loves him some Texas. Stay tuned for Clive Bar’s Texas-sized makeover and expansion.


Lustre has a crush on Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Bridget has ran into Lustre's secret crush twice now at the airport in Denver.


Available at
Lustre Pearl South
Available at
Lustre Pearl East



Scott Noble
Bartender at Lustre Pearl Rainey
Q: What are adjectives that describe your time at DunlapATX?
A: Awesome, Family, Fun, Loyalty, Ici tout est bon

Q: How long have you been with DunlapATX?
A: 6.5 years
when we [Lustre Pearl Rainey] opened back up on the block.

Q: What is your most memorable experience at DunlapATX?
A: I can't pick out one in particular. I really enjoy being part of the community. Seeing someone come out on their first date then seeing them a few years later come in for their wedding celebration.

Q: What is your favorite drink?
A: That's easy! It's an Old fashioned, because it's just like me.


Follow her @lorrietheaussie. To get a cool dog bandana like hers, check out her mom's shop @peachedpups. She makes them!

We like big mutts and we cannot lie. Would you like to have your pup featured in our next transmission? Post a photo of you pup on IG and tag #dogsofdunlap on Instagram to enter.



A 2-3 person cocktail that packs a punch
with white rum, coconut rum, Cointreau, lime, pineapple, and Red Bull. It is the antidote.


Meet the whole family at



Every Tuesday
@ Lustre Pearl East
Trivia night starts at 8. Come hungry! Where else could you still order 2 tacos and get them alongside a cold Pacifico in Austin for $10.


Every Sunday
@ Lustre Pearl South
Live music 3 to 6 in the yard.


Every 4th Friday
@ Lustre Pearl South
Join us for @lasofrenda’s evening of music, community y mucho más. Enjoy vintage, handmade, arts and carefully curated goods by Austin’s largest Bipoc, LatinX, Queer, and emerging artist market.


Every last Wednesday
@ Container Bar
Spratx brings artists, art collectives, and art-supporting organizations together for a night of live painting, murals, music, vendors and of course tasty cocktails. @Blockpartyatx is not your normal Rainey Street night! Party lasts from 6-10pm.



July 4th
@ Lustre Pearl South
Free hotdogs and hamburgers... need we say more? Celebrate freedom with us at 1pm.


July 11
@ Lustre Pearl East
Join us 1-4pm to enjoy wonderful vendors, Tito’s drink specials, pooch portraits, wag bags, raffle prizes, doggy swimming pools and of course amazing adoptables! All funds raised will go to the dogs we save from kill shelters in Texas.





July 23: Buck Moon
Aug 11-12: Perseid meteor shower
Aug 22: Sturgeon Moon (Blue Moon)
Sept 20: Harvest Moon
Sept 22: Fall Equinox



Over the next two weeks be sure and tend to your roots. Take a moment to go home—any and everything you call home. Recharge and emerge invigorated ready to trust your imagination. Starting at the tail end of July, ride the wave your creativity generates for you and some exciting changes might emerge. Mercury Retrograde rounds out the backside of September, giving us all a warning against making hasty decisions or remarks. Instead, practice self-compassion and lean into your imagination. 


Sextrology Forecast

CANCER, you can finally relax. Last year was a lot in the relationship department for you and this year there are no dramatic headlines to manage. Just kick back and enjoy the casual energy. Just remember what we say--Here, everything is good! 
On the other hand,
LEO, you have ANYTHING BUT chill instore. The world is speaking your love language right now whether you want it or not! You are one hot pussycat. And, casual relationships are also making headlines in your world. Mmmm…Lord, it feels good! 
Similarly, the world is sending buckets of adoration
VIRGO's way, a windfall that will only amplify and validate their self-confidence and animal magnetism. Virgo, honey, by the end of the month YOU will be the someone who’s been naughty, naughty, naughty.

I’m Not Moody, No Way.

CANCER: What do you mean you can’t read my mind…?
LEO: Why have you not noticed me? Obviously I deserve your attention.
VIRGO: After all I have done, this is what I get? I see. I’ll remember that.

Shit Talking Between The Lines

CANCER talks shit about you. Then play victim when you dish it back. It’s a never-ending cycle, so don't take the bait. 
LEO baits for compliments, waiting for you to correct them as they speak about themselves negatively and excessively critically.
VIRGO knows everything about everything. They also know what you need to know and are going to make sure you know it so that you can do what they know you need to do. 

The Only Games They Play Are Mind Games

CANCER is in love after the second Tender/Grinder/Sugar Babies date. Just watch out, they say they forgive, but rest assured they NEVER forget.
LEO dotes on you only when they see their ex show up to the same place, but play along or risk a heavy dose of some passive-aggressive silence headed your direction. 
VIRGO notices everything about you and points it all out to you, good and bad. And while well intentioned, you probably should remind them: NO ONE ASKED.
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