Search is On for New Co-Executive Director

Franciscan Federation, Third Order Regular
Ministry Position Description
Flexible time (30 hours/week):  Stipend Package:  $36,000, which includes benefits and insurance
Date effective:   July 1, 2019                                                  
Provides work direction to:  Office Staff and Volunteers
Receives work direction from:  Franciscan Federation President and the National Board
Location of the office: Brooklyn, New York
PURPOSE:  Exercises the mission and administration of the National Office of the Franciscan Federation.
The Co-Executive Director carries out the mission of the Federation, i.e., to promote the exploration and study of the Franciscan TOR charism and its implications for the world. She/he will work closely with the National Board and other Co-Executive Director. The National Board also continues to explore the idea of one, national Franciscan Family.  The Co-Executive Director must be able to work creatively and collaboratively with a variety of groups.
The Co-Executive Director reports and is accountable to the National Board.  She/he assists the Board in creating policies and maintaining various communications media, including the monthly Musings newsletter and the Federation Web site.

  1. Serves as Chief Executive Officer, directing, coordinating and overseeing the ongoing administration and programs of the Federation (including its National Office and staff);
  2. Assumes responsibility for the hiring and the annual evaluation of staff;
  3. Maintains communication and oversight with the Executive Committees of the Commission of Regions (COR), the Commission of Charism Services (CCS), and the Commission of Elected Leaders (CEL) through support, providing resources and presence directly and/or with other Federation staff;
  4. Appoints the Planning Committee for the Annual Federation Conference (AFC) and with the National Board and the Planning Committee determines the program/schedule for the AFC;
  5. Assists the National Board and its standing and ad hoc committees in:
  6. With the treasurer, draws up the annual budget, subject to the review and approval of the National Board;
  7. Operates within the budget according to National Board policy and direction,  and communicates regularly with the treasurer for accountability for the operating budget and other financial concerns;
  8. With the treasurer, works to maintain trust fund records;
  9. Sets agenda for National Board meetings in collaboration with the President, and other members of the National Board as needed;
  10. Sends a written report monthly to the National Board and is immediately accountable to the President and Executive Committee of the National Board;
  11. Exercises responsibility for ongoing research regarding what pertains to the Franciscan Third Order Regular charism;
  12. Coordinates all Federation communications (e.g., newsletter, Website, Facebook, regular correspondence with other Franciscan groups);
  13. Represents the Federation in external forums as designated by the National Board;
  14. Networks with existing Franciscan Conferences and groups, both nationally and internationally;
  15. Participates in an annual job review by the President and members of the National Board.
The responsibilities listed above are representative of the position and are not all-inclusive. 
QUALIFICATIONS   The Co-Executive Director should possess the following qualifications:
  1. Professed membership in a Franciscan Third Order Regular congregation;
  2. Belief in the vision and mission of the Franciscan Federation;
  3. Ability to function in a creative manner within changing organizational structures;
  4. Ability to collaborate and serve with a variety of groups, both internal and external to the Federation;
  5. Good administrative and organizational skills;
  6. Good communication and computer skills
  7. Knowledgeable concerning technology
  8. Good bookkeeping and fiscal management skills;
  9. Good fund raising and development skills;
  10. Ability to occasionally lift up to 15 pounds as needed.

Please send all resumes to:
Frank Scornaienchi TOR




Image result for praying with our sisters and brothers in mexico through the wall


I am finalizing this reflection on January 6, Epiphany, as we enter National Migration Week. For nearly half a century the Catholic Church in the U.S. has focused attention on the “circumstances confronting migrants, including immigrants, refugees, children and victims and survivors of human trafficking.” How poignant are the Sacred Scriptures of these past weeks, including today’s, as we consider Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and then their journey with a young son to Egypt: the searching, vulnerability, fears, need to be welcomed by others, uncertainty, desperation. Truly, this is the journey of millions of people in our world today. Thousands of our brothers and sisters are at our borders, seeking a safe place to call home.
It was my privilege during Advent to participate in two border experiences. The second week of December I visited the Welcome House for Refugees just inside the Mexico/U.S. border sponsored by the Diocese of San Diego and other Faith Groups. Migrants conditionally approved for entrance to the U.S. are brought to the shelter late at night by ICE agents en route to sponsors somewhere in the U.S. That same day I visited a center in Tijuana, Mexico, that welcomes refugees attempting to cross into the U.S. legally. The heart-rending stories of the people were amazing, terrifying and disturbing.
A week later I participated at a border Posada prayer in San Ysidro, CA. For 25 years people have gathered both on the Mexico and U.S. sides of the border for this prayer. Our two “sides” are currently unnecessarily separated by a double border wall. Originally, people from the U.S. were able to pass through a gate to the Mexican side, to pray freely the traditional Posada prayer with people from the Mexican side. Later, when tensions had escalated, unable to walk to the “other side,” the people were able to hold hands through the fence and exchange small gifts. That fence soon became a wall. And now, there is an entire platform (like a wide driveway) between the two walls. It is an artificial barrier yet the separation couldn’t be more real. People live in hope that before long, the barrier will be removed and once again, there will be a free flow from one side to the other.
Singing the 13 verses of the Pasada prayer in Spanish, alternating between the two groups, it was difficult to hear the “other side” because of the strong winds and roar of the wild Ocean waves, just feet away from us. We could see outlines of people, but no faces. It was a most poignant experience which brought home the incredibly sad and scandalous reality of how separated God’s family is and how artificial are the barriers to our sister and brotherhood. The scandal deepens in light of the two children, Jakelin Caal and Felipe Alonzo-Gomez, who died on their journey. May their voices be heard and may many others join them in our shared cry and action for justice, peace and compassion.
A prayer from today’s Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise is most appropriate: “As Christ receives with compassion all who are drawn sincerely to the [divine] light – help us be the face of God’s compassion to a suffering world.

- Kathy Warren, OSF



Image result for millennials praying


I recently read an article by Maria Shriver in her “I’ve Been Thinking” SUNDAY PAPER series on Facebook. She overheard a woman, newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, speak at a medical forum: “‘We don’t want your pity,’ she told them firmly.  ‘We also don’t want your fear.  All we want is for you to ask us, ‘What’s it like to be you right now?’”
What a question!  Who of us is ever really ready to share when asked such a probing question?  Who of us will ever hesitate to let go of our emotions or perceptions when a loving friend has the courage to challenge us with those words?  When such a question echoes a consistent gaze and a true concern, it can foster growth in both, the one who asks and the one who answers.
At our Annual Federation Conference for June 21-24, 2019 in St Louis, MO, we are to open up the Franciscan Sources for ourselves, with the  informative insights of Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF and Michael Blastic OFM.  Francis of Assisi is, undoubtedly, our common model of holiness, inspiration, and challenge.  Our presenters will help us ask him, once again, ‘Francis, what was it like to be you then?’  Our reflections together will stir up this question: ‘Brothers and Sisters, what is it like to be us right now?’  I suggest that we listen for Francis to do this asking and we let him accompany us into new answers.
Our AFC 2019 offers yet another exploration of this same question.
We have asked Fr David Couturier OFM Capuchin to provide two presentations geared to ‘Millennials in the Marketplace.’ Many of us have already read, or heard him speak of, his studies in his book, ‘Franciscans and Finances.’  Therein, he traces Francis’ response to the economic and social conditions of his lifetime that became, and continues as, a Gospel-centered life for many.  We know, from this, that Francis found Christ open to listening to his answer to that, even unspoken, question ‘What is it like to be you right now?’  By giving young adults the space to both articulate their own relationship to economic and social conditions today and to listen to Francis’ experiment and continuing example, we are carrying out our mission ‘to promote exploration and study of Franciscan Evangelical Life and its implications for these times and our world.”  (BYLAWS, 2.2, Mission).
So, ‘What is it like to be you right now?’ Appreciating differences, we have two sets of tracks ready for Saturday, June 22nd, at our AFC in St Louis.  As TOR Sisters and Brothers in the United States, we will travel on one together, as usual.  Some young adults will move on another with their engineer for the day.   Stay tuned to see where our common stops will be.

- Carol Woods, sfma

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As we begin 2019, the focus of our prayer is on peace. We yearn for peaceful settlements in the political realm, for peace for those journeying to our nation to escape violence, for peaceful harmony in all of creation as we face the dire warnings of climate change.
Megan McKenna, renowned Catholic author and theologian, speaks of the challenge that is ours to face as Franciscans:
The word peace in Hebrew, SHALOM means……order, unity, communion, wholeness and fullness of life.  It means ‘uni-verse’—one song rising from all the mouths of those created, in harmony with all the creation of heavens and earth
We are exhorted and invited to be … images of peace and hope in a world that is desperate for peace if we are to survive together as human beings on this earth.  May we learn to walk in these paths and to integrate all these aspects of peace in ourselves and our communities, our societies, nations and religions.  It is imperative that we do so.
May we be the ones who bear the Word of Peace into the world, giving birth to it in our bodies, our communities and our work for dialogue, advocacy and international structures and treaties.
May we be the ones who sing the ancient songlines of the earth and pass on the stories and hopes to the next generations in spite of the terrible burdens that history lays upon our backs.
May we be the ones who sigh over the earth and all the sufferings of the children of the world.
May we be the ones who beg forgiveness for all we do thoughtlessly and in our greed, our arrogance and insensitivity to others’ needs.
May we be the ones who ponder all these things in our hearts as we seek to understand the Peace of God and to make our lives gestures and embraces of peace, for all, especially outsiders and enemies.
May we be the ones who open all the doors and speak welcome, with the greeting of peace.
May we be the ones who make this year, this decade, this century,  this millennium the time of the Peacemakers—the rain, the reign, the rein of peace abiding for all peoples, making all the hopes of the nations a reality.
Peace be with you.  Peace be with us.  Peace be upon us.  It must become the only imperative of our lives.
She Who Brings Peace by Megan McKenna, 2003 by Pax Christi, pgs. Iii – iv                                                                  

Sister Theresa Darga
Chairperson, ECCEL


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We stand at the threshold of another year with one foot well grounded into this New Year of 2019.  What are we going to do with all these days that are a gift to us?  How are we going to expend our time and talents?  Who are we going to share the Good News throughout this new year?
As Franciscans this new year offers us many opportunities to gather together brothers and sisters and others with a Franciscan heart  in our local areas and share the story and the dreams of St. Francis and St. Clare.  It is a great opportunity for us to be signs of hope and peace in this time of turmoil and frustrations.  It’s a time for us to reach out in whatever way we can…big or small…to be signs of hope and love.  That hope and love is increased many times over when we gather in our regional areas or clusters to share the Good News and to invite others into that sacred space of joy.
As you continue on this life’s journey in 2019, may we be who we say we are:  Franciscans in the Joy of Christ!
May God bless each of you in 2019.
Peace and Joy—
Sr. Althea Anne Spencer, osf



Pope Francis is calling us all to holiness in his Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate.  He is inviting us to live a balanced lifestyle of action, silence, contemplation, and discernment, as we live out the Gospel values caring for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized among us.  "Discernment is not about discovering what more we can get out of this life, but about recognizing how we can better accomplish the mission entrusted to us at our baptism" (Gaudete et Exsultate, 174).  As we grow in holiness, we will find that inner peace allowing us to share peace and love to all our sisters and brothers.
As I recall my past the majority of time was spent in action or ministry and silence and contemplation were squeezed into what little time was left.  I looked forward to the 5-6 days each summer when I could spend quality time with God in nature. I am certain many of you may be able to relate to that experience
Francis’s call to holiness is to all persons doing everyday things.  Not just to those who have titles or influence in society.  Our scripture readings during the Christmas season certainly brought this to life.   Mary, a mere teenager from a poor family who had no influence in society, was chosen to be the mother of God.  The shepherds considered to be lazy and the very least in society were first to received the message of Jesus’ birth by the angels. Joseph, a lowly carpenter, was given messages in a dream that protected Mary and Jesus. The Magi sent to find the new born King for Herod had a transformation through a dream and they went home another way.  Humility, faith and trust are what we need to respond to this call of holiness.  We also need to be open and aware of God’s Presence within us and all creation
 From the web site Catholic Women Preach, Wamuyu Teresia Wachira IBVM from Kenya preaches for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, offering a reflection that invites us to consider the humble circumstances of Jesus' birth to Mary: "What can we learn from Jesus’ lowly and uneventful birth in facing the realities of our present world situation?
Turning our attention to today's realities she invites us to open our eyes to the truth of Christ's humble presence with us today:
Have we paused to ponder in our heart that the poor in our midst is Jesus;
That migrant risking his/her life at our borders is Jesus;
That woman that we exclude in our home and Church table of fellowship is Jesus;
The beggar in our street, with outstretched hand is Jesus;
The stranger that does not look like me, does not share my culture, my aspirations, my dream is Jesus;
That ‘child’ lying peacefully in a manger, wrapped in swaddling cloths of poverty, marginalization, smell of sheep, hatred, corruption, violent extremism, different forms of violence and abuses is Jesus crying out to be cuddled, embraced, fed, and lifted up; that child is asking for forgiveness. Are we ready to both give birth to and receive this Christ in our ailing world today as we say “Yes: to our call to holiness?”

The call to holiness is not an easy road to walk as we may be encounter difficult and even dangerous situations.  As Paul says in (Romans 8:31) “If God is for us, who is against us?” It is through perseverance, patience and meekness that we find inner strength and peace to be witnesses to those in need.
The pope's exhortation reaffirms the words and spirituality of Francis of Assisi on continuous conversion. In his message to his order, St. Francis of Assisi speaks of beginning again, a call to continuous renewal, through daily practice of virtue, until we hit the mark. Every day is an opportunity to change, to be better. He 
told us that we must persevere in doing good.
Hospitality is our hallmark as Franciscans. Since we strive to give time and space for relationships in a world that speaks more of individualism, it is important that we remain communal. The message of Francis is embedded in our option for the poor, the marginalized and vulnerable. St. Francis of Assisi's famous story of kissing the leper and preaching by one's way of life challenge us as Franciscans to persevere in compassion and love for those we serve in our apostolates, especially those in prison.” (
Henrietta Eziashi  the Franciscan Sisters of Glasgow, Scotland, Global Sisters Report Dec 31, 2018)

May we pray and support one another as we strive to fulfill our call to holiness.  May God give us peace.   
Eileen Golby, OSF
National board liaison to
Commission Charism Service





Photos and Newspaper Articles
of events, AFCs, the Regions
from 1996-2016, with captions
for the Franciscan Federation.

Please mail or email to:
Kathie Uhler, OSF
419 Woodrow Road
Staten Island NY 10312

All materials will be returned.
Thank you!


Franciscan Gathering
for Sisters between 50-68 years of age
Sister Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN

January 31 - February 3, 2019

 Where: The Franciscan Center
              3010 N. Perry Aveenue,  Tampa FL

               Who:  Franciscan Sisters generally between
                50 - 68 years of age

                What: Peer gathering to build relationships
                and to consider together what our mission and
                charism may bring in to the future.

                 Cost:  $400 includes three nights, meals and meeting costs

                  Registration space is limited to 15 persons!  Deadline for registration
                  is January 5.

For registration and information contact:
Sister Anne Dougherty



St. Francis University, Joliet IL 
Praise God and serve with great humility!  (Francis of Assisi CantS)
Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF
Vice President for Mission  
500 Wilcox Street   Joliet, IL  60435
(815) 740-2622


Online Certificate in Franciscan Studies

This four course certificate program is designed to:

  • Provide a unified understanding of the Franciscan Tradition.

  • Prepare students to form Franciscan experiences in their personal and professional lives. 

  • Strengthen students’ relationship with Franciscan history.

  • Discover applications to everyday life situations in today’s world.


    Recommended participants:

    This course is highly recommended for faculty and staff at any of the AFCU partners who wish to feel more at home in the Franciscan lived expression of Gospel spirituality, and the Franciscan intellectual tradition.  Because of the experience of the instructors, it is also applicable for those who are leading Formation Programs for Franciscan Religious Institutes, especially for candidates new to the Franciscan tradition.  This course would also be useful for formation of those in the Franciscan Secular Order or in preparation for a life commitment of associates to religious institutes.  


    Register: or 815 740-2622


Next Generation Franciscan Mentors

 We sponsor an annual conference for those who are helping form our next generation of Franciscans.
This conference is for you if you help in the formation of
• Franciscan vowed religious
• Secular Franciscans
• Associates/Affiliates/Co-journers
• High school or university students
• Volunteers in Franciscan-based service programs
• Those with a Franciscan heart

Inter-Franciscan Formation Programs
This program gathers Franciscan men and woman in formation (all levels) twice a year at Graymoor in Garrison, NY.  Workshops are presented on Franciscan themes led by Franciscan men and women.  

Our upcoming meeting dates and the presenters are the following:

March 12-15, 2019                            Fr. Robert Williams O.F.M. Cap.       


Franciscan School of Theology
Franciscan School of Theology



Please note:  All retreats and events are also located on the calendar in the "Planning" section of the new Website

Region 1

Blessed John Duns Scotus Library
125 Thompson Street
New York NY 10012


Center of Renewal Retreat & Conference Center
4421 Lower River Road
Stella Niagara, New York 14144
(Only 10 miles north of Niagara Falls)
(716) 754-7376, Ext. 2



CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER GROUP typically meets first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  Call for detail




Region 2

Franciscan Center
3010 North Perry Avenue
Tampa FL 33603

Centering Prayer Group 
Eileen Strawser and Jill Biebel
Tuesdays, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer in which we experience God’s presence within us. This contemplative practice follows Thomas Keating methods. The group will meet weekly with Eileen and Jill.  If you have any questions “and/or” are new to centering prayer email Eileen Strawser and Jill Biebel Please email to attend.  Donation will be accepted.

McGlinn Spirituality and Conference Center
The Canticle Gift Shop
460 St. Bernardine Street
Reading, PA  19607-1737 

484-334-6807     Fax:  484-334-6808
Visit our Website or Facebook for more details.


The Franciscan Spiritual Center
609 S. Convent Rd.
Aston, PA 19014

Centering Prayer – Group Session of Quiet Prayer
3rd Saturday of each month from 10:30 to 11:30 AM
Cost:  Free will offering
A group gathering for those who have been practicing centering prayer.  In the space of one hour there is a short reading or instruction, a 30 minute period of quiet centering prayer, 10 minute walking meditation, and a 20 minute concluding quiet centering prayer.  We close with the Our Father.  Prior to or after this hour there can be time for supportive discussion and encouragement around centering prayer for those who wish.  For those interested who have never experienced centering prayer, the Franciscan Spiritual Center offers a Fall and a Spring one day introduction to Centering Prayer.
Facilitator:  Julia Keegan OSF



Contemplative Mornings at Clare House 
About the event: 

Centering Prayer
Group Session of Quiet Prayer

About this event 
Where & When
Franciscan Spiritual Center

When: January 19, 2019- (Third Saturday of each month)
Time: 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Cost: Free will donation
Registration Deadline: January 18, 2019

Coordinator: Julia Keegan, OSF
To register online use the event link, to print a registration form use 
this link, or to register by phone, call (610) 558-6152.

T'ai Chi Chih Retreat:
Deepening Your T'ai Chi Chih Practice

About the event: 

Where & When
Franciscan Spiritual Cneter
When: Starts at January 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM and ends January 27, 2019 at 11:00 AM.  There is an option at an additional cost for additional day on January 28, 2019.
Cost:  For Commuters Only  -- $140 - All openings for residents have been filled.
Registration Deadline:  January 12, 2019
Presenter: Antonia Cooper, OSF

To register online use the event link, to print a registration form use 
this link, or to register by phone, call (610) 558-6152.


If you are looking for a quiet place for reflection you might want to consider booking one of our hermitages for a few days. They are comfortable and right on the edge of the woods so you can truly be one with nature.

To explore it further or make a reservation call Sr.Donna Roccio, OSF at (610) 558-6157 or email at


Clare House
If you ever wanted to take a small group (not more than 6) away to a quiet space surrounded by woods for a nice retreat experience you might want to explore Clare House. It's a little farm house in the woods that is part of our Spiritual Center. There are stairs so it is not handicap accessible. 

To explore it further or make a reservation call Sr Jean Ustasiewski at
 (610) 558-5372

Region 3


          Chiara Center
A Franciscan place of spirituality
        4875 La Verna Road
       Springfield, IL, 62707


Chiara Self-Guided Retreats

Chiara center can help create sacred time away by providing resources from trusted spiritual leaders. Choose your retreat journey at Chiara Center using the audio or DVD series to create your own retreat. Retreat must be a minimum of three days and two nights. Arrival times flexible.
Cost: 3 days, 2 nights:  $240 inclusive of guest room, meals, retreat resources including CD/DVD player. Each additional day is $65 inclusive of meals.
Visit web site for brochure. 



Oldenburg Franciscan Center

Blog: www.peaceandgood.


Getting To Know Your Masculine & Feminine Energies: An Exploration into Our Deeper Selves Presenters: S. Olga Wittekind, PhD & Claire Sherman, PhD
Saturday, January 26th 9:30am – 2:30pm
Cost: $45 includes lunch/$65 CEUs & Lunch
We will explore the unconscious masculine and feminine qualities within each of us. Bringing these qualities into our awareness is the key to personal growth. We will explain their importance in understanding our relationships and why we choose the partners we choose. Come meet your Anima and Animus!


Dealing with Our Grief
Presenter: S. Janet Born, OSF
Tuesdays, Feb. 5th – March 12th 2:30 – 4:00pm or 7:00 – 8:30pm
Cost: $85 for the six week process (book included)
Are you “stuck” in grief regarding losses in your life? This six week process will help you move toward renewed life and joy. You will identify the many painful happenings in your life – be they loss of people, pets, job, health, etc…that have left a hole in your heart. Come for healing!

The Wisdom of the Wild: Praying with Nature’s Chorus
Presenter: April Boyle (Retreat Facilitator)
Saturday, February 9th 10am - noon
Cost: $15
What can wild animals teach us? Through scripture, prayer, reflection, and discussion, we will see how God’s creatures can impart wisdom to us, and even teach us how to pray.

Living a MeaningFULL Life
Presenters: Bill Tonnis (Singer, Song-Writer), John Metz (Artist) & Ken Cecil (Business Executive) Saturday, Feb. 23rd 9:30am – 2:30pm
Cost: $45 includes lunch
Discover new meaning in your life…as well as the light of joy and peace! Come and enjoy the original music of Bill Tonnis and original paintings of John Metz. Ken Cecil will lead us through inspirational creative writing exercises to inspire us to discover new peace and joy!


Lenten Series: Holy Visionaries For Today
Thursdays , March 7 th – 28th 6:30pm – 8:00pm
$15 per session/$55 for all
March 7th – Rev. Matthew Landry (Pastor & Spiritual Director) Henri Nouwen Fr. Henri (1932-1996) is a widely known and beloved priest, author, spiritual director, and soul friend. His writings are an encouragement to continue our journey in prayer, silence, solitude, and vulnerability. Join us as we begin our Lenten journey, allowing Fr. Henri’s writings to draw us deeper into the heart of Jesus

March 14th - Rev. Matthew Landry (Pastor & Spiritual Director) Saint Oscar Romero The Salvadoran Archbishop is a voice for today. Saint Romero (1917-1980) was just canonized in October of 2018, but his influence spands across time. Join us as we discover God’s call for our lives by reflecting on and praying with Saint Romero’s words and life.

March 21st & 28th - Bill Tonnis (Singer/Songwriter, Author, Pastoral Minister) Walking with Thomas Merton: From Death to Life – Parts One & Two We will reflect on the many "dyings" and "risings" of our lives. Bill will speak about the impact of Thomas Merton on his journey to finding his true self. He will share his songs and lead us in a session of Centering Prayer.

A Day of Enneagram
Presenter: S. Donna Steffen, SC (Certified Enneagram Teacher)
Saturday, March 9th 9:30am – 2:30pm
Cost: $45 includes lunch
The Enneagram, originating in the Sufi spiritual tradition, describes 9 personality types. Each of the 9 types perceives life differently, has different habitual mental patterns, and makes choices out of this perception. The enneagram provides helpful self-knowledge and understanding of others, and may lead to growth in spiritual freedom. Come and learn your enneagram type!

Retreat With Hildegard of Bingen
Saturday, March 23rd 9:30am-2:30pm
Presenter: S. Olga Wittekind, OSF (Retreat Director)
Cost: $45 includes lunch
A Benedictine nun of the 12th century, Hildegard was a mystic, musician, pharmacist, gardener, and Abbess. Her experience of God as “Light” began as a young child living as an anchoress. We can draw much inspiration from her visions, writing and images! Come spend time with this Holy woman and new female Doctor of the Church.


 Portiuncula Center for Prayer

9263 West St. Francis Road
Frankfort, IL  60423  815.464.3880


Sisters of St. Francis

St. Francis Spirituality Center
200 St. Francis Ave
Tiffin OH 44883
Ph. 419-443-1485

Note:    Private retreats or individually directed retreats can be scheduled for 1-8 days in length.  For more information regarding available directors, accommodations or cost, contact St. Francis Spirituality Center.
            Meditation classes and day-long retreats are also periodically available.  See the website for current offerings.

Assisi Within:  A Vicarious Pilgrimage 
May 19-25, 2019. (Sunday 4 PM – Saturday 1 PM)
 Retreat/Pilgrimage Leaders:  Sr. Patricia Ann Froning, OSF and Sr. Roberta Marie Doneth, OSF
Cost: $490.  Commuter: $350
Visit places dear to the hearts of Francis and Clare through visual presentations, rituals, reflection time, and sharing. 

Individually Directed Retreat    
June 16-22, 2019 (Sunday 4 PM – Saturday 1 PM) 
Directors:  Sr. Patricia Ann Froning, OSF;  Sr. Roberta Marie Doneth, OSF; Sr. Edna Michel, OSF.
Cost $495.  Commuter $365.
Retreatants meet individually with a director each day.  Optional prayer rituals. 

Eucharist:  Diamond in our Midst  
July 14-20, 2019 (Sunday 4 PM – Saturday 1 PM)
Director:  Sr. Edna Michel, OSF  
Cost: $490;  Commuter: $350. 
Drawing from the experiences of human life, this retreat will focus on various facets of the Eucharist.  Two conferences daily, time for reflection and optional sharing times. 


Regina Spirituality and Conference Center
Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania
6832 Convent Blvd., Sylvania, OH  43560
For more information contact:

Sister Joan Jurski, 419.824.3528,
Seeking the perfect setting for solitude, prayer, individual or directed retreats?
In the spirit of Francis and Clare our lovely campus provides indoor space and gardens for spiritual experiences on 89 peaceful wooded acres.
21 Overnight Rooms
Two Hermitages - reserve for a day, a weekend or a week
Daily Liturgy at Queen of Peace Chapel
The Portiuncula Shrine Chapel, Grotto and several other shrines
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Tau Center
26W171 Roosevent Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Region 4

Rochester MN Franciscans
Assisi Heights

1001 14th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901
507-280-2195 or email:

 Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls
116 Eighth Avenue Southeast
 Little Falls, MN  56345            

Marywood Franciscan Spirituality Center

3560 Hwy 51 North
Arbor Vitae, WI 54568

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Shalom Spirituality Center
(formerly Shalom Retreat Center)
1001 Davis Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Call: 563-582-3592

Spiritual Vision Board: Mind-Mapping And Envisioning God’s Plan For Your Life
Saturday, January 19, 9:00AM-11:30AM
Presenter: Mary Potter Kenyon

A vision board is a tool that can empower you to visualize your direction in life, guiding your walk with God. We’ll begin the session with prayer as we meditate on Philippians 4:8, followed by a brief mind-mapping exercise as we brainstorm hopes, dreams, and goals for our future. We’ll then focus on aligning our will with God’s plans for us, using pictures from magazines and cork bulletin boards. Feel free to bring a copy of a Bible verse, inspirational quote, or photo to use as the central focus of your board. Bible verses on cardstock and bulletin boards provided.

Offering: $20. Includes All Materials.
Register & Prepay By Wednesday, January 16th

New Year, Healthier You

Saturday, January 26
9:00am - 3:30pm

Begin your new year with a workshop focusing on healthy living.  Former Brazilian pop-star Bruna Melo's passion for a healthy lifestyle began with her own miracle recovery from a serious accident in 2014. The workshop includes Bruna's testimony, music, laughter, healthy recipes, a creative endeavor, group dynamics, reflection, and relaxation with light yoga, along with a break for lunch.

Offering: $30 includes lunch.  ($$5 for two people.)
Register and prepay by Tuesday, January 22


St. Anthony Spirituality Center
300 E Fourth Street
Marathon, WI 54448

The Franciscan Spirituality Center
920 Market Street,
La Crosse, WI 54601


The Face of the Mercy of God
February 22-23
presenter: Dianne Bergant, CSA. This retreat will examine several biblical passages from both the Old and New Testament that describe the mercy of God, the mercy of Jesus and our own responsibility to be merciful. Full: $165 for overnight stay and all meals; Commuter: $115 (includes lunch on Saturday).

Serenity Retreat: Emotional Sobriety
 March 22-24
presenter: Susan Seeby, CSA. This closed retreat is for men and women who are members of a 12-step fellowship and are active in their recovery from alcohol or drugs. We’ll look through the lens of the Prayer of St. Francis to explore the next frontier of “emotional sobriety.”

Iconography Retreats
 with Phil Zimmerman. Learn the sacred art of painting (writing) Byzantine-style icons. St. George and the Dragon, May 19-25; St. Peter and St. Paul (advanced students only), July 14-20; and St. Joseph/St. Nektarios (choose one), September 22-28. Full: $625, six nights’ stay, all meals and materials; Commuter: $505, includes lunch and supper, and materials. Fee includes a $150 nonrefundable deposit.

Region 5

Il Ritiro
Franciscan Retreat Center
P.O. Box 38 ~ 7935 St. Francis Ln.
Dittmer, MO  63023

636-274-0554 ~ ~

For more information or to register
 check out our website;
call us at 636-274-0554 or email us: 

Tau  Center
Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

335 S. Kirkwood Road
St. Louis MO 63122


Region 6
Franciscan Renewal Center
5802 E. Lincoln Dr.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Make the Franciscan Renewal Center a part of your sabbatical. Spend time in an atmosphere of quiet beauty and a space to develop a stronger sense of spiritual self-awareness and consciousness. Rest and take time for reflection; create your own program from our many workshops, courses and retreats. We are happy to offer you a wide variety of options to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Call 480.948.7460 to plan your stay.






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