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Jukko: Mobile Advertising for Social Impact
By Elizabeth Sarquis, Founder and CEO

At Global Gaming Initiative, we set out to bring social impact games to the casual games space. We then use revenue generated from our games to provide tangible goods to developing world communities that foster upward mobility, from bicycles and malaria treatments to soccer balls, each item relevant to one of our games.

But as an independent game publisher, our biggest challenge has always been monetization. It’s tough to get noticed and drive the monetization one would want to make a substantial impact in the world.

For this reason, our team created Jukko, the first monetization solution for cause-minded game developers and mobile discovery platform for socially-conscious brands. We’ve created a way for all users to contribute to social impact and provide a platform from which cause-minded game developers convert their games into even greater catalysts for social impact.

Here’s how Jukko works. Publishers decide to monetize using Jukko. Players discover socially-conscious brands and engage with their ads during natural breakpoints in the game experience (for example, after clearing a level). For each brand engagement, players are rewarded with Jukko Coins, which they can give to specific impact projects and see the impact they’ve made before returning to the game experience. Our publisher partners in turn receive payouts based on ad impressions and engagements.

For example, just by engaging with one or two brands during a 30-minute game session, whether it be swiping to learn more or clicking on a call-to-action, a player can earn enough Jukko Coins to give a child a day’s worth of meals at school. While impact projects change over time, other redeemable giving options include a weekly scholarship, local language learning books for students, and egg-laying hens for local businesses.

For game developers, Jukko offers a monetization solution that maintains the user experience, a fundamental challenge for publishers looking to stay in the business of making games for good. Additionally, we’ve built a light and easy-to-integrate SDK (software development kit) while also providing a dashboard where publishers can track all metrics relevant to app usage, monetization, and positive social impact created.

We’re excited as we expand our app publisher and brand partners in the coming months. Our goal is to get the most number of independent game developers using Jukko, so we can so we introduce a new model of giving to as many players as possible. If you’re interested in being a part of the Jukko community as a game publisher, connect with us at
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