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Announcing the 2014 Nominees! 

Get ready to play—the 2014 Games for Change Award nominees are here! Narrowed down from a field of over 140 titles, these eight finalists will compete for the winning prize across three categories: Most Innovative, Most Significant Impact, and Best Gameplay.

The winning games will be announced on April 23 at the 11th Annual Games for Change Festival at a ceremony hosted by game designer Jesse Schell. One of these eight nominees will be named Game of the Year as the game that best represents all three categories.

Most Innovative Nominees

SoundSelf, nominated for the Most Innovative Award.
Developer: Robin Arnott / Platforms: Mac, PC, Oculus Rift
A collision of centuries-old meditation technology with the video game trance. Turn off the lights, amp up the volume, and use your voice to fall through an odyssey of light and body.

Papers, Please (Also nominated for Best Gameplay)
Developer: Lucas Pope / Platforms: Mac, PC
From the maker of the G4C Award-nominated Republia Times comes a dystopian document thriller, where players take the daunting role of an immigration inspector for the fictional communist state of Arstotzka. You must decide who can enter and who will be turned away or arrested.

Súbete al SITP
Developer: 12 Hit Combo! / Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
Bogotá's new Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) brought Colombia's capital more mobility but also more confusion: SITP is a complex system with fees varying by bus, time of day, and rider age. With thousands of active players, Súbete al SITP helped the city get up to speed by teaching players how to get around.

Most Significant Impact Nominees

The cast of Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey nominated for the Most Significant Impact Award.
Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey
Developers: Thirteen, American Social History Project, Electric Funstuff / Platform: Mac, PC, Web
In the first interactive project told from a Northern Cheyenne perspective, players must react to the encroachment of settlers, expansion of railroads, decline of buffalo, and rise of the reservation system in the 1860s and 1870s.

Start the Talk: Underage Drinking
Developer: Kognito / Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
This roleplaying game helps parents build practical skills and confidence to talk with their child about underage drinking in real life.

The Migrant Trail
Developer: Gigantic Mechanic / Platform: Web
Based on the 90-minute documentary "The Undocumented" and inspired by learning videogame The Oregon Trail, The Migrant Trail provides a first-person experience of the hazards that migrants and Border Patrol encounter along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Best Gameplay Nominees

Gone Home, a nominee for Best Gameplay.
Gone Home
Developer: The Fullbright Company / Platforms: Mac, PC
June 7, 1995. You arrive home after a year abroad. You expect your family to greet you, but the house is empty. What's happened? Unravel the mystery in this story game that challenges you to explore the secrets and artifacts of a family that seems as real as your own.

Developer: Preloaded / Platforms: Android, iOS 
TyrAnt is a real-time strategy game that teaches the player how ants eat, communicate, and, ultimately, reproduce within a delicate and biologically diverse ecosystem. It is among the first of the learning games rolled out to a number of U.S. schools as part of Amplify's pilot program.

Papers, Please (also nominated for Most Innovative)

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