Festival talks on diversity and inclusion

Along with an inside look at the best games for social impact, April’s Games for Change Festival will explore issues of representation, gender, diversity, and inclusion in games, as our speakers highlight how games can be a welcoming space for all.
From left to right: Zoe Quinn, Naomi Clark, Merritt Kopas.
Twine for Change
The text-game tool Twine has proven to be remarkable for making impact games. Game creators Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest) and Merritt Kopas (Consensual Torture Simulator) discuss their work, their goals, and the many kinds of impact Twine is having, with moderator Naomi Clark (Consentacle).
Rami Ismail: International access and gamedev.world
Come hear more about gamedev.world, a new effort to break through the language barrier to help grow game development in countries with non-English-speaking populations. We’re proud to partner with Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Sarah Elmaleh on this, and look forward to Rami’s keynote talk and to the arcade he is curating for the Festival, featuring lesser-known games from around the world.
What Gamergate Means for Triple-A Games and Developers' Creative Process
A panel of game makers from high-profile projects, including Alexandria Neonakis (The Last of Us), Matt Boch (Fantasia: Music Evolved), and Anthony Burch (Borderlands 2), will discuss whether, why, and how the industry can help games become a more inclusive medium.
That's not all. Also look for:
  • Deconstructing GaymerX: Founder Matt Conn shares the origin of this LGBT-oriented gaming convention, how recent events have shaped it, and the future of queer gaming spaces for gamers.
  • Post-Colonial Thought in Games: Designer Steven Fox looks at elements of colonialism found in modern games, such as Civilization and Starcraft, and how these translate in the real world.
  • Transgender Issues in Gaming: From Street Fighter to Dragon Age, video games have a long history of transgender characters. Charles Battersby of Press XY examines where the industry is heading in terms of letting players explore gender roles through games.

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