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Summit Program Recap
Here's what we've announced so far for the Games and Media Summit program. More talks and information coming soon, including details for our Charity Game-a-thon!
KEYNOTE: Collaboration in VR / Ken Perlin  
Ken Perlin, founding director of the Media Research Lab at NYU and the director of the Games for Learning Institute, discusses the potential for collaboration in VR and how new technologies are changing what's possible in games and media.

TALK + INSTALLATION: Designing games for VR with ustwo
The creators of mobile hit Monument Valley offer their lauded VR game Land’s End for attendees to play and share challenges, new techniques, and new avenues for aspiring VR game makers to explore.

TALK: New Frontiers for Biofeedback in Sports
Wearable sensors and big data are being combined to create virtual models that enhance team performance and game-day decision making. Hear how sports visualization and analysis can improve strategy from Claudio Silva (NYU) and Dirk Van Dall (Major League Baseball Advanced Media).

TALK + INSTALLATION: Mapping the brain with EyeWire VR 
Making its debut at the Summit, EyeWire’s latest brain neuron-mapping project combines high-definition VR with hand motion-tracking sensors. Developed in partnership with the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, EyeWire VR will allow attendees to navigate and explore the human brain.

KEYNOTE: FDA-Approved Games
Dr. Adam Gazzaley, neuroscientist and chief science advisor of Akili Interactive Labs, shares his quest to create the first FDA-approved video game.

What makes a game good? Or bad? Or important? In this edition of Well Played, independent game maker Naomi Clark analyzes the acclaimed full motion video (FMV) game Her Story live on stage.

TALK + INSTALLATION: FOVE, the eye-tracking VR headset 
Yuka Kojima, CEO of FOVE and former game producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, demos the FOVE VR headset. Through eye tracking, FOVE allows users to explore 360-degree virtual worlds.

TALK + INSTALLATION: VR, Empathy, and Civics
Jamie Pallot, from pioneering VR company Emblematic Group, talks about "immersive journalism" and how VR can be used to tell important news stories.

INSTALLATION: Fabulous Beasts
Named one of the year's "25 most anticipated video games" by The Guardian, Fabulous Beasts combines elements of tabletop dexterity and digital strategy games into a new kind of connected play.

A cooperative two-person game experience using costumes embedded with technology. The players represent the last remaining lightning bugs in a world consumed by pollution and must fight against a virtual enemy of darkness.

Injustice is an interactive VR experience themed around racially motivated police brutality. In Injustice, guests witness an act of racial discrimination happening in front of them, forcing them to make moral and ethical decisions on the spot.

An augmented reality game designed to be played on a mobile device while at the American Museum of Natural History. Players team up with scientists and microscopic lifeforms to fight global threats to biodiversity from the 6th Extinction! A special version of MicroRangers will be available at the Summit.  

A biofeedback-enhanced adventure thriller game that takes players into the dark and twisted world of the subconscious. A sensor monitors how scared or stressed players may feel, allowing them to be more aware of their internal responses to stressful situations.

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