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April 2014

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Destination: Immersion
NCLC14: See You Next Week in Los Angeles!
CELIN at Asia Society
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Destination: Immersion

By Heather Clydesdale

As recognition of language immersion’s wide-ranging benefits increase, and schools across the United States establish new programs, many are finding that the journey is rewarding, but also has hurdles.
At the 2013 National Chinese Language Conference, Dr. Shuhan Wang, Ph.D, president of ELE Consulting International, assembled a team of administrators and teachers who have successfully created Chinese immersion programs. In a workshop setting, she asked them to share their experiences and map the sometimes bewildering terrain that educators and administers must traverse for immersion initiatives to take root and thrive. Their discussion yielded helpful insights, and led to the launching of a new network, the Chinese Early Language Immersion Network at Asia Society (CELIN).

Experts from California, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and Oregon weigh in with their findings and best advice. Read on.
See You in Los Angeles!
Check out the full 2014 program schedule of keynotes, workshops, and performances.
New! The only education conference dedicated to global competence now has a language learning strand. Learn more.

NCLC14: See You Next Week in Los Angeles!

Join us in Los Angeles, May 8–10, 2014 for the seventh annual National Chinese Language Conference! We are thrilled to announce that former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will keynote the opening plenary session the evening of Thursday, May 8. Over the course of three days, the main stage will host lively discussions, ideas, and inspiration from speakers including Nobel Prize-winning author Mo Yan and his principal translator, Howard Goldblatt; Chinese-speaking, banjo-playing Abigail Washburn; Janet Yang, a producer of Shanghai Calling and Disney High School Musical: China; Jessica Beinecke, creator of Crazy Fresh Chinese; Qingyun Ma, Dean of the School of Architecture at USC, and more!

NCLC14 will offer more than 70 breakout sessions and rich preconference workshops with a focus on cutting-edge approaches to teaching that incorporate culture, technology, and international exchange; program quality and sustainability; early language learning; and best practices in the classroom leading to high levels of language proficiency and deeper knowledge of China. Learn how to effectively integrate the study of China and Chinese language; hear from visionary speakers and thought leaders in the field; enjoy performances that showcase cross-cultural artistic collaboration; visit Los Angeles-area schools to see K–12 Chinese programs in action. Learn more and register today!


CELIN at Asia Society

A special message from the Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network at Asia Society: CELIN is dedicated to the establishment, effectiveness, and sustainability of Chinese language learning of young children. At the 2014 National Chinese Language Conference next month, you can engage at a plethora of workshops and breakout sessions relevant to immersion and early language learning. See a sampling of the lineup here. While at the conference, please do not hesitate to say hello and tell us about yourself and your programs. –Dr. Shuhan C. Wang, Dr. Joy K. Peyton, and Jeff Wang

Online Resources

Establishing and Maintaining Strong International Partnerships
Asia Society is privileged to work with 100 exemplary U.S. schools and districts offering Chinese language courses. Together we learn and share with others who are just starting programs. Donna Podgorny, an educator from Union County, North Carolina, tells us how Marvin Ridge High School school developed and maintained a strong partnership with Jiang Ning Campus of the High School affiliated with Nanjing Normal University, in China. Read part one and part two of an EdWeek commentary for her advice to others seeking to do the same.

Chinese Lit 101
Project Pengyou's "China Hang-Up" blog asked Alice Xin Liu and Eric Abrahamsen, co-editors of the literary magazine Pathlight (which features contemporary Chinese literature in translation), to help compile a list of authors whom mainland Chinese youth are reading today. How many have you read? If you're attending the National Chinese Language Conference next month, you'll hear a special video address from one of these authors, the Nobel Prize-winning Mo Yan!

Flagship Programs Attract and Accommodate STEM Students
In The Language Flagship's Spring 2014 newsletter, Discourse, we learned that currently 13 percent of Flagship students are pursuing STEM degrees. For instance, a senior in the Chinese Flagship Program at Brigham Young University is combining a civil engineering major with Chinese, to "enhance his desirability to employers." Read on for more about the benefits of gaining field-specific language skills, and how Flagship aims to meet the needs of today's language students.
中文 Matters
By now you will have noticed the regularly changing calligraphy in our banner. This month's 中 (zhōng) and 文 (wén) have been selected from the work of Tang Dynasty calligrapher 欧阳询 (Ōuyáng Xún): 千字文 (Qiān Zì Wén/Thousand Character Classic). 千字文 is a poem with one thousand different characters, used to teach children to read and write Chinese. 欧阳询 was an imperial calligrapher. Along with 颜真卿, 柳公权, and 赵孟頫, he is considered one of the top four calligraphers of regular script. (楷书四大家:欧阳询,颜真卿,柳公权,赵孟頫)

News and Opportunities from the Field

The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) is the premier online Master's-level certificate program in global competence education for teachers. Use online learning, international field study, and a capstone project to build global competence. The courses are taught by renowned educators from across the country. In-service teachers may earn up to 48 continuing education units (CEUs) or 12 graduate-level credits. The Global Competence Certificate is developed by Columbia University Teachers College, World Savvy, and Asia Society. Submit Applications Online between March 3–June 15, 2014 for Fall 2014. Learn more.

Host an Exchange Student: Hosting a U.S. government-funded international exchange student brings classroom lessons into your home in ways far more effective than any book or teacher could describe. Different perspectives open windows to the world and host families and their exchange students form bonds that can last a lifetime. Learn more.

High School Summer Study in China: SSC-Beijing offers high school students the opportunity to receive intensive language training within an immersed cultural environment. Living for four weeks in Beijing, students will use their Chinese to communicate in daily life activities, improving both their fluency and pronunciation. Through rigorous small group daily language lessons, it is expected that they will acquire the equivalent of a full academic year of Chinese. Program dates: July 4–August 3, 2014. Learn more.

CARLA Summer Institute:
Registration is now open for the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) Summer Institutes for Language Teachers and Summer Institutes for Immersion Teachers. Linking research and theory with practical applications for the classroom, each institute includes discussion, theory-building, hands-on activities, and networking with colleagues. Learn more.

Study Abroad for Teachers: Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that runs low-cost summer professional development travel programs designed for teachers. The China itinerary runs from July 28–August 4, 2014. Learn more.

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