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Cost of LEED Report Offers Guidance
Our readers have been snapping up LEEDuser's "Cost of LEED" Report, a credit-by-credit analysis of the costs (including synergies) of LEED-NC 2009. Download the PDF now for only $49.

Leveling the Playing Field

Choose Budget Method for MR Credits BD&C MRc5: Regional Materials
LEED Materials Regional Map
Should you use the actual material budget or the default 45% budget? The lower you can get the baseline, the easier it is to purchase enough regional material to reach the credit threshold. A project with a low materials baseline, like an existing building renovation, might be better off using the actual budget.

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Putting Policy Into Action
EBOM MRc7: Solid Waste Management—Ongoing Consumables
You’ve already developed a waste management policy for ongoing consumables under MRp2; this credit involves implementing that policy. Remember that the category “ongoing consumables” refers to all goods with a low per-unit cost that are regularly used and replaced.

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LEED Tips and Tricks:
Excelling in LEED for New Construction

LEED Tips and Tricks: Excelling in LEED for New Construction
A successful LEED-NC certification depends on groundwork laid at the beginning. This video recording gives tips and tricks to help you with this process. You can also download the "LEED Tips and Tricks" slides.

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