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LEEDuser Specialty Update at Greenbuild

Mark your calendar for Wed. Nov. 17 at 12:30 p.m., in Room 193AB, for the LEEDuser forum session, live and in person! Ask LEEDuser guest experts Christopher Schaffner, Marcus Sheffer, and others your tricky project questions and earn a LEED CE hour for doing it! Also visit LEEDuser at booth #512.

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Choose a path early in the planning stage
BD&C SSc2: Development Density & Community Connectivity

Project teams should assess early in the planning stage which path is most suitable based on project location and the availability of density data. Note that credit requirements for v2.2 and v2009 are exactly the same, but the specifics of what can qualify as a basic service are further defined and outlined in v2009.

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Many teams are already compliant
EBOM SSc2: Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan

Many project teams already employ at least some compliant practices and can focus their efforts on formalizing these practices and expanding them into a comprehensive plan. See LEEDuser's sample plan template for help...

LEEDuser Tipsheets
How to Complete the NC SSc6.1 Form in LEED Online
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Following on this page are screen captures that show how to document SSc6.1: Stormwater Design—Quantity Control for LEED-NC 2009. Some comments and explanations are interpersed. The following is displayed with permission of the USGBC.

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"We actually paint lines inside the dumpster to denote 25%, 50%, and 75% full and to make the visual estimation easier."

"We recently got push back from our LEED reviewers that ANY carpeted system must have a cleaning schedule attached."
NC v2.2 EQc5

"Has anyone ever utilized a bio-retention basin with an underdrain that eventually slowly releases the filtered runoff and discharges to a stormdrain system?"
NC SSc6.1

"The employee wellness program option is identified in the Innovation section..."
CI Webinar

"In the form it is asking for the 'Period of Manufacture, Earliest Date' and 'Period of Manufacture, Latest Date'. What exaclty are the dates they are looking for?"
CI IEQc4.5

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"It also sounds like there is a lot of cynicism about the recycled qualification which would lead me to think that the FSC certification is the better certification to use. Any definitive answers or advice out there?"

"I was under the impression that the PV did not have to be commissioned for the submission to the USGBC."

"Unless the fans/air-purifiers are hard-wired in the building system, they will not satisfy the requirement of this credit."
NC IEQc6.2

"We want to go for a CIR and ask exception to having to compare on Energy Star, ask exception to finding a comparable and, instead, be judged strictly on our own history of improvement since 2002"

"I actually disagree with your interpretation as requiring at least 2 of the reduction methods"
NC v2.2 WEc1

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