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Novermber 30th, 2010

News in this Issue of EBN

EBN Editors Help Untangle Green Certifications

A New Edge in Specifying Green Building Products – GreenSpecPharos

Glazing Industry Fights Tightened Energy Standards

Non-Green Office Buildings Sacrifice 8% in Rent Revenues

Model Building Code Now 30% More Energy Efficient

New Posts from Our Blogs

LED Lighting Getting Better and Better

EnGuard GlassFree Polyester Insulation

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Calendar Events

Featured Events

Webinar: Researching and Selecting Green Building Products
December 8 or December 16
BuildingGreen's Nadav Malin and Healthy Building Network's Tom Lent show how to more easily select building products and materials with the attributes that matter most to you and your clients.

Sustainable Hospitals
Jan. 26–28 – San Diego, California
This three-day industry event will focus on how the health care system can reduce costs while saving energy and creating healthy environments for patients and employees.

The December 2010 issue of Environmental Building News (EBN) is available online.

Environmental Building News
Quote of the Month

“This is bad news for those who care about energy efficiency.”
– John Straube, Ph.D., P.Eng., of Building Science Corporation, on the defeat of a proposal to reduce the allowable glazing area in ASHRAE's prescriptive energy code for commercial building

This Month’s EBN Feature

What’s New in Multi-Attribute Environmental Certifications

What’s New in Multi-Attribute Environmental Certifications

The industry is increasingly recognizing the need for a more comprehensive review of green products. We don't have perfect programs yet, but EBN scrutinizes the most prominent programs out there and highlights how they're useful.
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In-Depth EBN Product News and Reviews

Recovering Heat from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

The Halton Heat Recovery Unit captures heat in commercial kitchen exhaust to pre-heat incoming make-up air, reducing the HVAC demands on the kitchen. Optional domestic water heating loops and air-cooling coils are also available.
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New Heat Mirror Glazing for Commercial Applications

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This Month’s Primer in EBN

Heat-Pump Water Heaters

Heat-pump water heaters produce more than twice as much hot water per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed as standard electric water heaters.
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High Performance Buildings Database – Case Study Highlight

XL Construction Main Headquarters
Milpitas, CA

XL used a design-assist project delivery approach with the architect and a design-build approach with MEP designers to economize project costs and incorporate their vision of the new space.
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High-Performance Buildings Database

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