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Thanks to All Who Gave Public Comments
For all those who participated in the first-ever public forum for public comments on LEEDuser, we have conveyed your comments to USGBC for its work in revising LEED 2012. Thanks for participating!
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Sharing A Username?
Did you know that the LEEDuser forum is absolutely free? There's no need to share an account just to have forum access. Encourage your colleagues to participate with a screen name of their own.
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LEEDuser Credit Support
It's bike rack time!
SSc4.2: Alternative Transportation—Bicycle Storage and Changing Rooms

Vertical Bike Racks

If you’re thinking of pursuing this credit, first consider the realities of the neighborhood around your project, and whether it's really bike-friendly. Getting the right FTE count can be crucial, and we have some tips...

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NC | CS | Schools | CI | NC-v2.2 | EBOM

Expand and formalize your practices
EBOM SSc3: Landscape Management
It is not difficult to achieve SSc3 as long as key best practices are thoroughly incorporated in vendor contracts and the building’s standard operating procedure (SOP) language.
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LEED Addenda Guides

With new LEED addenda expected before very long, we thought we'd review highlights from the LEED 2009 addenda so far.

Guide to ID&C Addenda

Guide to EBOM Addenda

Guide to BD&C Addenda Coming Next Time!

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Free Webcast: How Will Credits in LEED 2012 Be Weighted?

Time to finish that LEED-NC v2.1 project, or upgrade: Sunset date is coming

USGBC Offers Webinar on Avoiding IEQp1 Pitfalls

"I submitted a CIR regarding the use of wireless thermostats. I thought I would share the results with everyone..."
NC IEQc6.2

"Importance of Team Adminstration Tab in LEED Online"
Required Signatories forum

"Light power density for residential building"

"Sustainable Purchasing - No simple payback"

"Catch-22 on corrective action?"

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Share Your Thoughts

"Anyone done a model of a project with a double façade?"

"We have always approached recycled content in assemblies in the way you describe and had no problem until our last two projects..."

"Can the off-site conservation area be located in a different country?"

"Is this point only attainable if we add unusable sensors?"
CI EAc1.2

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