LEED Alert: Non-U.S. Priority Credits Now in LEED Online

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RPc1 Bonus Points Now for International Projects

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The question of whether non-U.S. projects have access to the LEED's Regional Priority "bonus points" has often been a subject of conversation on LEEDuser's RPc1 forum. Until now, they haven't. We're happy to help USGBC spread the following news.

LEED projects outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam are now eligible to earn bonus points via a new set of recently implemented Regional Priority credits (RPCs) within LEED Online. These credits are an interim solution as USGBC works towards a long-term strategy for identifying the myriad of regional environmental priorities across the globe. The long-term strategy includes convening a LEED International Roundtable with representatives from many countries.

The LEED credits below were selected by USGBC in order to provide incentives for achieving credits that address the broad priorities of energy efficiency and water conservation. These priority credits will be automatically applied, via LEED Online, to all currently registered and future LEED 2009 projects outside of the aforementioned areas.

Read the full post on LEEDuser for for details and for the list of Non-U.S. Priority Credits.

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