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January 2011

Featured Topic

Focus: Green Product Certifications

BuildingGreen has pulled together all of the information you need to understand green building product certifications and stay abreast of ongoing developments. In our featured topic page on green product certifications, you'll find not only the basics, but also in-depth articles on specific aspects of certifications, breaking news, coverage of building product toxicity, and reviews of new green products.

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Green product certifications report

News in this Issue of EBN

Preliminary Study Supports LEED Productivity Benefits
Workers moving from existing buildings to new LEED-certified buildings were surveyed for before-and-after health and productivity changes.
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LEED Volume Certification Program Launched
USGBC has a new streamlined process for certifying buildings for building owners and property managers certifying 25 or more LEED projects within a three-year window.
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NYSERDA Green Homes Cash Incentive Program Announced
The Green Residential Building Program builds on NYSERDA’s Energy Star Homes program, which has been encouraging a 30% energy use reduction since 2001.
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Urban Runoff Bad for Biodiversity in Streams
Findings suggest that green building strategies that filter and reduce stormwater runoff, such as bioswales and green roofs, are important to the biological health of urban areas.
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Posts from Our Blogs

EPA offers guidelines for broken CFLs, but will we follow them?

Knight Wall Continuous Insulation Rainscreen

Our History of Petroleum Use

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Featured Events

Efficiency Vermont's Better Buildings by Design
February 9–10
BuildingGreen's Peter Yost presents "Practical Guidance on the Myriad of Window Retrofit Options," and Alex Wilson discusses "Water: The Forgotten Partner in Energy Conservation." Check out these and many other educational sessions.

NESEA's BuildingEnergy11 conference
March 8–10
Watch walls get retrofitted on the trade show demo stage, attend the many eductaional sessions, and of course visit BuildingGreen in Booth #656.

The January 2011 issue of Environmental Building News (EBN) is available online.

Environmental Building News Quote of the Month

“The world of LEED execution just got faster, better, and cheaper.”
– Mike Opitz, USGBC’s vice president for LEED, on how LEED Automation is opening up data flows into and out of LEED Online

This Month’s EBN Feature

A Green Building Wish List: Policies, Trends, and Products for 2011 and Beyond

Green building wish list

Guaranteed energy performance of homes. Rapidly renewable materials that don't compete with food production. These are just a couple of the new developments we explore that would help the building industry clean up its act.
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In-Depth EBN Product News and Reviews

Commercial Induction Ranges from CookTek
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Commercial induction ranges from CookTek

CookTek’s induction ranges produce little extraneous heat and no combustion gases, potentially reducing the amount of ventilation needed in a commercial kitchen.
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Geopier's Low-Impact Foundation Support for Pool Soils
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The rammed aggregate pier (RAP) system uses compressed aggregate in a series of shafts to support foundations in poor soil, saving materials and trucking.
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Products recently added to the GreenSpec database

This Month’s Primer in EBN

How Electric Lighting Works

Light chart showing how electric lighting works

How do incandescent, fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, and light-emitting diode lighting technologies work, and what are their relative efficiencies?
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High Performance Buildings Database – Case Study Highlight

The Christman Building
Lansing, MI

This 1928 landmark, listed as the Mutual Building on the National Register of Historic Places and renamed The Christman Building in 2008 was a brownfield site in Lansing, Michigan, near the state capitol. It's now the world's first triple LEED Platinum project.
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High-Performance Buildings Database

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