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WEc3: Water Use Reduction

WEc3: Water Use Reduction

If you pay close attention to the flow rates of the water fixtures you select (gallons per minute for flow fixtures and gallons per flush for flush fixtures), you should be able to achieve a 30% reduction...

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Baseline depends on when fixtures were installed
EBOM WEp1: Minimum Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
For plumbing systems substantially completed before 1994, the baseline is set at 160% of the IPC/UPC-compliant figure; however, for systems substantially completed in 1994 or later, the baseline is set at 120% of the water usage with code-compliant fixtures. Buildings with a mixture of fixture installation dates will use a weighted average...
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School as a Teaching Tool Curriculum Ideas

School as a Teaching Tool Curriculum Ideas

This document is a starting point for assembling curriculum for LEED for Schools IDc3: The School as a Teaching Tool.

Guide to Sustainable Food Certifications
This guide to sustainable food certifications will help with finding products earning LEED-EBOM MRc5: Sustainable Purchasing—Food.

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Cost of LEED

International Pilot for LEED for Homes Projects

LEED Professional Exams Now Available in French

FSC, assemblies and recent addenda

Word on the street is that there's a new standard teams are being held to for the types of controls that are allowed in group spaces

A little trick about the MRc3 GS-11 chart in the Reference Guide...

Combining Tenant Lease Agreement with the Tenant Guideline?

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Has anyone attempted the Green Housekeeping ID credit for a development in the UK?

Does anyone have an idea what process water using appliance could be considered "other?
Schools WEc4

Suggestions for Calculating Casegood area?
CI MRc1.2

What are your main comments and concerns with the proposed changes for the LEED EBOM 2012 Version?
EBOM 2012 Forum

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