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Thanks to Guest Experts from KEMA Services

LEEDuser's "guest experts" help make our site and forum an awesome tool. Today we're thanking our experts with KEMA Services, who help with credits like IEQc4.3 and WEc2. Think you've got what it takes to be a LEEDuser guest expert? Let us know.

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Explore New Pilot Credits for New IDc1/IOc1 Option 3
LEED Pilot Credit Library

As of July, LEED 2009 projects can earn an innovation point through IDc1 for pursuing a credit from the LEED Pilot Credit library. LEEDuser has credit language and submittal requirements, and USGBC is also asking teams to our forum to share your successes and setbacks with other projects!

Read more for:
PC1: Life Cycle Assessment of Building Assemblies and Materials

PC2: PBT Source Reduction

PC3: Medical and Process Equipment Efficiency

PC4: Innovative Ventilation

PC5: Preliminary Integrative Project Planning & Design

PC6: Integrative Project Planning & Design

PC7: Light Pollution Reduction

PC8: Demand Response

PC9: Open & Connected Community

PC10: Sustainable Wastewater Management

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Which pilot credit for your rating system?
Read More

The pilot credits are currently only available to testing by LEED 2009 projects, and some credits are limited to certain rating systems. The table below shows which rating systems are eligible for which credits.

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