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Review our credit-by-credit support here, and if it doesn't answer your question post a comment on the forum for that credit. We'll feature the most useful forum comment we get today (and our answer) in the next newsletter. Go to the forum now.

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Start By Reducing Hardscape Area
BD&C SSc7.1: Heat Island Effect—Non-Roof

You won’t find it in the credit requirements, but the best strategy here is to limit the amount of hardscape and number of parking spaces provided in the first place. This not only reduces the hardscape square footage you must treat with light-colored paving, shading, open-grid paving, or covering, it can also help you earn several other credits.

Read more on SSc7.1 for:
NC | CS | Schools | EBOM | NC-v2.2

Also see LEED-CI SSc1
Got Covered Parking?
EBOM SSc7.1: Heat Island Effect—Non-Roof

The majority of projects choose to pursue this credit through the fourth option: locating at least 50% of parking spaces under cover. Most often, this means underground parking or a parking garage.

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Screenshots and Guidance: LEED Online WEp1 Form
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Following on this page are screen captures that show how to document WEp1: Water Use Reduction for LEED-NC 2009. Some comments and explanations are interspersed. The following is displayed with permission of the USGBC.

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