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Plan to visit LEEDuser and BuildingGreen at booth #512 on the expo floor. Also, mark your calendar for 12:30 p.m. on Wed. Nov. 17 for a specialty update featuring live "forum" conversations with several of LEEDuser's guest experts including Marcus Sheffer and Christopher Schaffner. Want to set up a specific time to talk LEED with your team? Send us a note.

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Recycling space – but not plan – required
BD&C MRp1: Storage and Collection of Recyclables

For most projects, this is probably their easiest prerequisite. But when it comes down to finding the right square footage in the right location for recycling, it can get tricky. Read our tips and forum Q&A.

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Document the policy, not the practice
EBOM MRp2: Solid Waste Management Policy

This highly achievable prerequisite requires you to create and implement a solid waste management (SWM) policy aimed at reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill from your building. Most teams will be able to create a good SWM policy with in-house staff at little to no additional cost.

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How to Complete the LEED-NC MRp1 Form in LEED Online
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Following on this page are screen captures that show how to document MRp1: Storage and Collection of Recyclables for LEED-NC 2009. Some comments and explanations are interpersed. The following is displayed with permission of the USGBC.

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"I agree that the credit definition is very sketchy on all this..."

"Some reviewers are taking the stance that any room where work is performed is considered a 'Regularly Occupied Space'"
NC IEQc8.1

"If HVAC is in your project scope, you can attempt this credit."
CI EAc1.3

"The form for this credit does not specifically ask for information to be reported from the Performance Period..."

"I've been directly told 'no' by GBCI on the motorcycle question"

"This will make WEc2 much more achievable."
Pilot Credit 10

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"Proposing different 'services'"

"Has anyone had success in excluding kitchens from IEQ 8.2 Views?"
Schools IEQc8.2

"Achieving LEED CI if the base building has been certified using some other recognised green building standard"

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A LEED-ND Project Planning Guide
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