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February 2011

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Focus: Green Product Certifications

BuildingGreen has pulled together all of the information you need to understand green building product certifications and stay abreast of ongoing developments. In our featured topic page on green product certifications, you'll find not only the basics, but also in-depth articles on specific aspects of certifications, breaking news, coverage of building product toxicity, and reviews of new green products.

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Environmental Building News

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News in this Issue of EBN

SPI Green Firm Certification Goes National
The new SPI “green” certification for design and construction firms—now available nationally—recognizes companies that have the institutional capacity to deliver consistent, high-quality sustainability services and projects.
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More Cyclists + Better Design = Safer Roadways
Encouraging cycling and taking care to design roadways with cyclists in mind can increase traffic safety, something the new SmartCode Bicycle Module aims to help accomplish.
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D.C. Energy Performance Ratings Set National Precedent
Energy waste in Washington D.C.'s public buildings is getting increased scrutiny as performance numbers are released under a new statute.
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Posts from Our Blogs

What’s the Greenest Option for Home Heating?

Green Building Product Certifications Report Errata and Update

Solar Decathlon to Relocate: Will the ‘Solar Village’ Move to the ’Burbs?

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Calendar Events

Featured Events

Efficiency Vermont's Better Buildings by Design
February 9–10
BuildingGreen's Peter Yost presents "Practical Guidance on the Myriad of Window Retrofit Options," and Alex Wilson discusses "Water: The Forgotten Partner in Energy Conservation." Check out these and many other educational sessions.

NESEA's BuildingEnergy11 conference
March 8–10
Watch walls get retrofitted on the trade show demo stage, attend the many eductaional sessions, and of course visit BuildingGreen in Booth #656.

TW Perry Green Building Workshop
March 17
Fairfax, Virginia

The all-day event features expert speakers Peter Yost, Steve Easley, and Scott Pusey and top product manufacturers.

The February 2011 issue of Environmental Building News (EBN) is available online.

Environmental Building News Quote of the Month

“A window doesn't have to be R-20 to be as energy-efficient as the wall around it.”
– Stephen Thwaites, of Thermotech, on how solar heat gain offsets the potential heat loss through windows

This Month’s EBN Feature

Choosing Windows: Looking Through the Options
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Choosing the right windows

We ask a lot from windows: energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability, affordability, and more. Which window frame materials and low-e glazing options balance these choices best? This article explores all the options and decodes the performance labels we see when buying windows.
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In-Depth EBN Product News and Reviews

Armstrong Takes Formaldehyde-Free Cabinets Mainstream

Armstrong Takes Formaldehyde-Free Cabinets Mainstream

Armstrong’s Origins line of formaldehyde-free cabinets ends a long wait for a mainstream, affordable cabinet meeting both LEED and CARB indoor air quality standards.
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Continuous Insulation Rainscreen System from Knight Wall Systems
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Knight Wall Systems’ CI-Girt offers an all-in-one rainscreen and continuous insulation system that simplifies installation and can accommodate a number of cladding options.
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Products recently added to the GreenSpec database

This Month’s Primer in EBN

Chromium-6: Health and Life-Cycle Hazards

Chromium-6: Health and Life-Cycle Hazards

Chrome-plated and stainless-steel products may not expose us directly to the hazards of hexavalent chromium, but their life cycle releases it into the environment.
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High Performance Buildings Database – Case Study Highlight

NASA JSC Building 27 AQF
Houston, TX

The building is used to isolate the NASA Astronauts prior to Space Flight and after their return to ensure that no health issues are encountered. Energy efficiency requirements were hard to achieve due to the special lighting systems required to help the astronauts prepare for space flight.
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High-Performance Buildings Database

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