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January 2011

New in Continuing Education

EBN Editors Help Untangle Green Certifications
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This 87-page, no-nonsense guide enables designers, purchasers, and manufacturers to steer clear of irrelevant claims and focus on what is significant and relevant for each building product sector.

Read the report and earn 6 AIA HSW/SD units, and 6 LEED CE hours

The Cost of LEED-NC Certification
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This 47-page downloadable special report goes credit-by-credit through LEED-NC and itemizes the common approaches and cost implications for achieving the performance that each credit requires.

Read the report and earn 1 AIA HSW/SD unit, and 1 LEED-NC specific CE hour

Posts from Our Blogs

Drive-by Energy Audits

The principle is pretty simple: the less insulation in a house attic or at the rafters, the more heat escapes through the roof. Lots of snow on roofs means that it's easy to tell at a glance how energy efficient houses are...
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Greensulate – A fungus-based insulation material that’s grown rather than manufactured

I had been reading about the innovative mushroom-based insulation material, Greensulate, which was developed by two industrious college students, for several years. I recently received a package of it. So what is Greensulate you ask?
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Understanding Energy Return on Investment

For the past few weeks, I've been writing about petroleum: what it is, the history of petroleum use, and what's ahead for this ubiquitous energy source that, to a significant extent, defines our society. This week, I'll cover a method of evaluating not only petroleum, but other energy sources as well: "energy return on investment."
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Calendar Events

Featured Events

Natural Building in Costa Rica
February 27 - March 11
Come to Costa Rica and learn natural building techniques in the beautiful setting of the Caletas-Ario Nature Reserve.

Efficiency Vermont's Better Buildings by Design
February 9–10
BuildingGreen's Peter Yost presents "Practical Guidance on the Myriad of Window Retrofit Options," and Alex Wilson discusses "Water: The Forgotten Partner in Energy Conservation." Check out these and many other educational sessions.

NESEA's BuildingEnergy11 conference
March 8–10
Watch walls get retrofitted on the trade show demo stage, attend the many eductaional sessions, and of course visit BuildingGreen in Booth #656.

New listings in the BuildingGreen GreenSpec® Product Directory are online.

Featured Report

Today's 10 Most Exciting New Green Building Products

Complimentary for our bulletin readers, this download includes detailed reviews for each of our 2010 Top-10 product selections. Fom recycled decking to insulation, smart pumps, and modular wiring, these products exemplify today's green solutions.

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New GreenSpec Listings

CSI Section 23 34 20: Bathroom Ventilators
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In today's tightly sealed buildings, unless there's a central ventilation system, in-line utility fans or bathroom spot ventilators may be the only mechanical ventilation system. These fans need to be quiet to ensure they are used.
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Standout Products:

Delta Breez Ventilation Fans
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Delta Breez Ventilation Fan
Available in unlit versions or lit models that use compact fluorescent bulbs, they provide ventilation rates from 80 to 130 cubic feet per minute (cfm), and are quiet...
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Panasonic Exhaust Fans
Panasonic Exhaust Fans
The WhisperGreen series uses an improved DC motor and includes some of the most efficient fans in the industry...
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Knauf’s Insulation Board with Renewable Ecose Binder
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High Performance Buildings Database – Case Study Highlight

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Santa Barbara, CA

Bren Hall was situated to take advantage of the ocean breezes. Offices have operable windows and transoms, so no air conditioning is required. Heaters in the offices automatically shut off when windows are opened.
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High-Performance Buildings Database

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