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Beyond Standard Practice, but Cost-Effective Nonetheless BD&C SSc6.1: Stormwater Design - Quantity Control
You might see increased costs, but an integrated approach can make this credit cost-effective See the Documentation Toolkit for a sample stormwater management report, and sample peak runoff rate documentation.

Read more on SSc6.1 for: NC | CS | Schools | NC-v2.2

Also see:
EBOM SSc6: Stormwater Design
CI SSc1: Site Selection

EBOM EAp1: Energy Efficiency BMPs - Planning, Documentation and Opportunity Assessment
If a Level I analysis has been conducted within the last five years, you don’t need to repeat the procedure during the performance period; however, you must update the audit report to reflect any significant changes in operating procedures or building systems.

Read more on LEED-EBOM EAp1

Completing the LEED Online EAp2 Form -- Screen Shots and Guidance

On these pages we show screen captures with all inputs you'll see when documenting EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance in LEED Online for LEED-NC version 2009. Key guidance is interspersed. The forns are shown with permission of the USGBC.

EAp2 – Option 1: Whole Building Energy Simulation
EAp2 – Option 2: Advanced Energy Design Guides
EAp2 – Option 3: Advanced Buildings Core Performance Guide

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NC IEQc4.2

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