Our June New Releases and Special Offers

June 2013

New Releases and Special Offers

This is our first monthly newsletter, replacing the older, admittedly more erratic two- or three-times-a-year publication schedule.  We hope that it allows us to put more emphasis on some books we think are truly distinctive, and to keep you better informed about new publications and new discoveries we have made.

We're also going to be starting each newsletter off with a few special offers, some unusual finds we've made that we want to share with you. We'll try to have different types of publications for you, or special deals we've negotiated.  This month, we have two amazing opportunities for folks with a love of French cooking and pastry:

Four legendary classics of modern French cuisine

In  the 1970s and 1980s, the French publisher Robert Laffont undertook an important program of issuing the works of leading contemporary chefs. Volumes in this now discontinued series are very much in demand, and we are pleased to offer a group of four of these distinguished titles.  All are in very good condition--clean and unmarked, with good sound bindings. En français.
Georges Blanc: Ma Cuisine des Saisons.
Fredy Girardet:  La cuisine spontanee
Pierre and Michel Troigros: Les petits plats de Troigros
Marc Meneau: La cuisine en fetes
The four volumes: $295


Pierre Hermé's groundbreaking first book,
signed by the chef

This sumptuously photographed large format book appeared just as Hermé was cementing his reputation as the most exciting pastry chef of his generation. Nearly twenty years later, Jean-Pierre Bloch-Lainé's images look as fresh and as innovative as the day they appeared, and Hermé's ability to entrance both the public and his colleagues in the professional pastry world is undimmed.

This is a copy of the original Larousse edition in hardcover, 10 5/8 x 13 inches, 240 pages, inscribed by Pierre Herme on the half-title page. En français.  $145

Frédéric Anton. POMMES DE TERRE.

The chef of Paris’s three-star Le Pre Catalan offers 100 recipes for the remarkably versatile potato, elevated here by his imaginative preparation as well as some luxuriously minimalist photography. Anton seems equally at home with an elegant potage Parmentier, a hearty salad of potatoes and mortadella with capers and mustard seeds, or a terrine of potatoes with foie gras and black pepper. And there’s an entire chapter on fries! En français. color throughout. cl. $69.95

Eric Briffard, Chihiro Masui, and Richard Haughton. LE CINQ.

Located in Paris’s grandly formal George V hotel, the Michelin 2-star Le Cinq relies heavily on traditional and local French ingredients, but Briffard’s ingenious and sometimes fanciful executions playfully banish any notion that the cuisine is classically hidebound. His seasonally arranged recipes range from a melon gazpacho with chorizo mousse, to asparagus with gnocchi and fresh almonds, to roast peaches with lavender sorbet. Drop-dead gorgeous photography only adds to the book’s inspirational quality. En français. color throughout. cl. $155.00 (An English-language edition is rumored but we cannot extract firm information from the French publisher)

Tim Byers. SMOKE.

Byers, who owns a Dallas restaurant also called Smoke, is fascinated by all the ways in which woodfire can be used to cook food. Although barbecue, covered extensively here, is his original inspiration, he addresses a host of fire-related approaches, from making your own hominy with hardwood ash to building a smokehouse and fashioning an upright pig roaster. Byers notes that “Smoke, chile, and char can be lingeringly abrasive and need symmetry with super fresh, crisp, sweet, and sour pops.” He sometimes achieves this symmetry through carefully composed dishes, and sometimes through the creation of smart, brightly flavored sides. If you’re thinking you want to take your backyard cooking beyond the familiar range, this is an excellent choice. color throughout. cl. $40.00

Michael Chiarello. LIVE FIRE.

For Chiarello, chef-owner of Bottega in the Napa Valley, outdoor cooking is an excuse to entertain with big flavors and often playful food. Whether using a spit, plancha, kettle grill, hibachi, hot box, or iron cross, he offers creative ideas for sophisticated food: tuna loin tied prime-rib style with salsa verde; ember roasted eggplant purée; grilled Dungeness crabs with fresh herbs. A lot of fun. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Di Bruno Bros is a Philadelphia landmark, a cheese shop of more than seventy year’s standing; Darlington, writing as Madame Fromage, is their blogger. Her handsome, thoughtful, and informative guide to 170 distinctive cheeses offers memorably written descriptions of flavor and production methods, as well as food and beverage pairings. There are recipes scattered through the book, but you’re more likely to take away her pithy handles for the cheeses themselves. Of Délice de Bourgogne she writes, “A satin-shouldered temptress, the queen of French triple crèmes.” And of a Chester County, PA, goat’s milk cheese called Shellbark Sharp II, she writes, “Sparky, edgy, a longhaired type with attitude.” color throughout. cl. $25.00



Just in time for summer, an entire volume devoted to desserts that don’t require turning on the oven. In this appealing, practical book, Durand focuses on puddings of all sorts, as well as panna cotta, fruit jellies, ice box cakes, and more. Her recipes range from simple chocolate pudding and stove top rice pudding to a more complex maple-bourbon budino with spiced pecans, and salted caramel risotto. There are extensive lists of desserts that appeal to special diets (egg or dairy free), and over 100 recipes that are naturally gluten-free. This book is rich in nostalgia, but encourages creativity. color throughout. cl. $29.95


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. RIVER COTTAGE VEG.

The River Cottage approach to sustainably raised ingredients applies so directly to vegetables that it’s almost odd that the hugely successful UK TV show and farming center hasn’t done a vegetable book until now. Fortunately, this is an enormously appealing collection of everyday recipes for every course in the meal, including dessert. Many are so easily adaptable to whatever you’ve brought in from the garden or home from the market that the book earns extra points for versatility. And it just so happens that all the recipes are vegetarian and many are vegan. Try the tahini-dressed zucchini and green bean salad, or maybe the green onion galette, or even the cauliflower pakoras with tamarind raita. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Andrew Feinberg, Francine Stephens, and Melissa Clark. FRANNY’S.

Franny’s is one of the reasons New Yorkers are so interested in the Brooklyn restaurant scene, a straightforward, slyly imaginative place serving rustic Italian food, including a remarkable range of pizzas. An initial flip through the book might show you what seem to be mainly familiar dishes if all you are doing is reading recipe titles. But Feinberg’s smart twists enliven his bucatini fra diavolo with mint, turn quintessential ingredients such as chickpeas and kale into a bright, zesty soup, and pair the almost inevitable calamari with a vibrant lovage-laced salsa verde. Tremendously appealing. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Kathy Hunt. FISH MARKET.

This simple guide to selecting and preparing fresh and saltwater denizens offers solid instruction and a wide range of flavorful recipes for the inexperienced seafood cook whose palate is more advanced than his or her skills. Hunt, a syndicated food writer for the Tribune Company, arranges her recipes by the characteristics of the seafood (bivalves; crustaceans; small, savory oily fish; mild, white-fleshed fish; etc), and generally includes a classic preparation before offering a more adventurous dish, such as a barbecued croaker salad or chermoula-coated striped bass. line illustrations. p. $22.00


Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama. BACON NATION.

If you can’t get enough of that cured pork belly, or you’re wondering what to do with the bacon fat accumulating daily in your household, Kaminsky and Rama have 125 ideas for you that range from a bacon and butternut squash galette to peanut butter bacon cookies. Along the way, there are lots of intriguing suggestions: making popcorn with bacon fat; baking instead of frying when you have a lot of bacon to cook; and sourcing extra-good artisanal bacons. color throughout. p. $14.95


Claire Kelsey. MELT.

Kelsey, a British food stylist whose lark with an ice cream truck turned into a raging success, has an adventurous palate that leads her to some exciting experiments with flavors. Here you’ll find fennel and peach ice cream, extra-virgin olive oil ice cream with smoked sea salt crystals, and blackberry and star anise sorbet, among others. There is also an array of deserts composed with frozen treats, including tarts, terrines, and pops. Hip and sophisticated. color throughout. cl. $39.95



Experienced grillers will delight in this exciting new work on the grilling traditions and techniques of South America. Yes, you may have to talk your butcher into cutting a non-US standard piece of beef (unless they stock rump cap at your local grocery), or head to a specialty market to find an uncommon ingredient, but the results promise to dazzle. Lane isn’t afraid of bringing offal to the grill, with ox heart kebabs, and grilled kidney skewers, and manages to balance out the meat heavy offerings with some fresh looking vegetable sides. The recipes focus mostly on technique. Also highlighted are attack plans for large scale entertaining (Brazilian Churrasco for 8-10, Lazy Summer Afternoons for 10-12). A boon for summer. $24.95


Toni Mörwald and Christoph Wagner. AUSTRIAN DESSERTS.

Originally published in Salzburg, this surprising translation is a mixture of traditional Austrian pastry and imaginative contemporary fare, much as one might expect to find in a modern Austrian pastry shop. Sachertorte and poppy seed strudel are here, along with passionfruit nougat charlotte and banana gugelhupf with coconut. Morwald, a popular cooking teacher in Austria, operates the Relais & Chateau-affiliated Mörwalk Kloster Und restaurant; Wagner is one of the country’s leading food journalists. color throughout. cl. $29.95


Bill Nesto and Frances Di Savino. THE WORLD OF SICILIAN WINE.

This in-depth survey of Sicilian wines and winemaking practice begins with a thorough history of the island’s wine traditions, beginning in the eighth century, B.C., with the introduction of wine cultivation by Greek and Phoenician settlers and continuing to the present. Strong chapters on geography, prominent varietals, and enology are followed by surveys of the major producers and discussions of their noteworthy vintages. A welcome addition to the Sicilian wine field. maps. cl. $34.95



This attractive, straightforward collection of classic American sweets offers recipes and historical background for a very familiar line-up of the kinds of goodies most Americans take for granted: yellow cake, cream cheese frosting, brownies, peanut butter cookies, New York cheesecake, pecan pie. Fun for a beginning baker, and for us, a godsend offering for all the foreign tourists looking for a book of the treats they’ve been enjoying while in New York. color throughout. cl. $24.95


Michael Pollan. COOKED.

Pollan’s tales of his adventures in learning four elemental cooking methods—grilling, braising, baking, and fermenting—is about so much more than mastering techniques. As fans of his Botany of Desire will appreciate, Pollan has a gift for tracing relationships between elements of a culture and illuminating their overlooked effects on each other. Whether he’s pointing out the ancient Greek’s distrust of food cooked in a pot or our possible reliance on fermentation microbes to maintain a healthy weight, Pollan returns again and again to ways in which our food and the ways we prepare it shape our lives. cl. $27.95


Jancis Robinson and Linda Murphy. AMERICAN WINE.

Those in search of an atlas of American wine regions will find much to admire in this broad, authoritative survey, which contains nearly sixty full-color maps. With detailed entries on the major American Viticultural Areas, and coverage of all fifty states (yes, even Hawaii and Alaska have commercial wineries), the authors characterize significant producers, profile legendary or influential figures, discuss differing geologic and geographic influences, and offer frank assessments of current trends and influences. Robinson is the author or co-author of many important wine works, including last year’s James Beard Award-winning Wine Grapes. Murphy is a former wine editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times wine website. color throughout. cl. $50.00


Jennie Schacht. I SCREAM SANDWICH!

Although the ice cream sandwich seems a simple item, Schacht, the author of several dessert books, brings a zippy creativity to her collection of fillings and holders. There are certainly nostalgic favorites like vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafers here, but it’s not that huge a step to try espresso caramel swirl ice cream on espresso fudge brownies, or rhubarb ice cream on brown sugar oat cakes, or even kaffir lime and lemongrass sorbet on five-spice cookies. These treats are not just for kids. color throughout. cl. $19.95


Raymond Sokolov. STEAL THE MENU.

Sokolov was not yet thirty when he replaced the already legendary Craig Claiborne as The New York Times’s food editor in 1971, making a jump from cultural reporting at Newsweek. This was the beginning of a long and colorful career as a restaurant critic and food historian including regular columns for Natural History and The Wall Street Journal. His memoir is marked by trenchant observations about the culinary movements which have emerged since his gig at the Times, and elbow rubbing with figures as diverse as Paul Bocuse and Anne Burrell, providing a wide-ranging anecdotal history of many significant moments in the last forty years. cl. $25.95



A barbecue roadtrip through Texas—with recipes—from the BBQ editor of Texas Monthly magazine. Vaughn takes his barbecue more than seriously, and his coverage of establishments great and humble is unstintingly frank as he swoons over the ribs or slams the rubbery brisket. He’s the guy you’d want riding shotgun as you set out on your own barbecue adventure. Organized by region so that you can indeed use it for planning a trip, and dramatically illustrated with terrific color photography, The Prophets of Smoked Meat is inspiring enough to make even the most rabid blue stater yearn for a trip to Texas. color throughout. cl. $29.99



This is a revised edition of the landmark The Food of Rome and Lazio, first published in Italy, and now with expanded historical coverage. The author has written more than forty books on Italian food culture, including The Encyclopedia of Pasta, and is recognized for her rigorous investigation of commonly held beliefs about the origins of dishes and traditions. Fans of the original book will note, perhaps disapprovingly, that there are fewer photographs from 19th-century Rome, and that the recipes have been reorganized by course. But with fascinating coverage of topics such as the importance of fish and sheep in Roman cooking, the foods of Carnival and of the Jewish Ghetto, the Papal Table, and even the culinary traditions of the Pontine marshes, this is an utterly compelling resource for anyone with an interest in a the background of a much loved Italian regional tradition. maps. b&w photos. cl. $34.95


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