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April 2014 New Releases, Offers, & Events

Talks & Tastes with the 92nd Street Y

Our event schedule is active all the way through the summer.  You can see the current lineup here.

Please note that the date of Jody Williams' event for Buvette has moved: it's now April 25.  Also, while the David Lebovitz event with Amanda Hesser on May 13 is sold out, the Y is working hard to find a larger venue, so it's worth getting on the waiting list!

We're hard at work on the fall lineup.  Keep an eye open for events with Johnny Iuzzini, Dave Arnold, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Dorie Greenspan, Yotam Ottolenghi, and many other great authors!

elBulli 2005-2011

A reminder: our special offer on Ferran Adriá’s elBulli 2005-2001 expires at the end of April. While our supplies last, you can buy a signed first editon of this seven-volume catalog of the dishes from the final years of elBulli’s incarnation as a restaurant. Each set comes with a $175.00 Kitchen Arts & Letters gift certificate which you can use for any other regularly priced book or books in the store. cl. $625

A Special Offer: only one set available.


Patissier: Tradition et Evolution
Silvano Serventi and Françoise Sabban

We are pleased to offer this huge, Japanese-originated,  five-volume set of books, a magnificent find for anyone who can handle it.

It is a major reference source--1,200 lavishly illustrated pages of pastrywork covering both classic and contemporary styles from a wide range of international chefs. Hundreds of stunning ideas from dozens of such major figures as Paco Torreblanca, Pichet Ong, Johnny Iuzzini, Christophe Michalack, Alex Stupak, and many of the finest pastry cooks working in Japan, where French-rooted sweet baking continues to be a vital source of inspiration. 

The first two volumes of the set are called, simply, "Pâtissieres."  The third is "Gâteaux Secs," the fourth, "Asiettes Dessert," and the fifth, "La Pâtisserie: Les Bases."

The French compilers are distinguished scholars of food who have written extensively in the pastry field. The photographs of every piece discussed  alone make this set highly desirable.

Here is the kicker:  the text portions of these books, which were published in Japan, are in both French and Japanese. The recipe ingredients are also in those two languages. The recipe instructions are in Japanese only. As we said, not for everybody, but for the right person this seldom-seen work is a huge find. cl. color throughout. $250

Hugh Acheson. PICK A PICKLE.

The James Beard Award-winning chef of several restaurants in Athens, Georgia, Acheson offers a compact guide to 50 pickles, relishes, and other good things produced by fermentation. There are certainly some All-American classics here, such as bread ‘n’ butters and chowchow, but you'll also find vinegar made from India pale ale, pickled green strawberries, and golden beet butter. color throughout. This is a collection of laminated cards that fan out around a metal post. $14.95

Colman Andrews. MY USUAL TABLE.

Andrews' contributions to the culinary world include Saveur magazine, which he cofounded, and seven previous books, most notably on regional European cooking (Catalan Cuisine, Flavors of the Riviera, The Country Cooking of Ireland). This memoir is, as he says, the story of his life in restaurants. In mid-20th-century Los Angeles, he and his parents dined out often in some of the town’s storied places, and he’s kept up that habit ever since. With chapters on Chasen’s in West Hollywood, Piccolo Mondo in Rome, Eleven Madison Park in New York, and elBulli in Spain, among many others, Andrews evokes the spirit of widely diverse establishments in exploring why each had a significant role to play in his life. Boldface names appear on nearly every page, from Lana Turner and Jeanne Moreau to Wolfgang Puck and Juan Mari Arzak. It’s a dazzling life. photo inserts. cl. $25.99

Christopher Boswell. VERDURE.

These seasonally organized vegetable dishes are drawn from recipes prepared in the kitchens of the Rome Sustainable Food Project at the American Academy in Rome. Included are traditional preparations such as sautéed escarole with raisins and pine nuts and inspired innovations which remain true to the Italian spirit of simplicity: a potato and fresh tomato gratin, for instance, or roasted Jerusalem artichokes with an orange and hazelnut gremolata. Handsomely presented, fun, and inspiring. color throughout. cl. $22.00

Alain Ducasse. COOKING FOR KIDS.

Though the food in this collection from the great French chef is claimed to have been created specifically for children from 6 to 18 months old, other than a few simple purées, every dish here would go over well at a table full of sophisticated adults. Who wouldn’t fall for a gratin of sweet potato, bacon, and red onion; a salad of shredded summer squash with shrimp and grapes; or a mousse of clove-scented steamed pineapple with lime zest? Probably the most adult-attractive baby and toddler food we’ve seen. color throughout. cl. $25.00


We’re pleased to now be stocking Gather, a zesty, intelligent, recipe-driven magazine appearing twice a year and presenting lush photography and a wide range of food styles. The recipes are always seasonally oriented, and each issue has a theme. In Issue 3, the editors have drawn on film for inspiration, with choices like a seafood cocktail inspired by Jaws and fried chicken and deviled eggs inspired by O Brother, Where Art Thou? In issue 4, the keyword is cocoon, interpreted here most often through familiar, comforting food in which wrapping or encasing plays a roll: devils on horseback, say, or a Swiss chard tamale. color throughout. paper. $19.99 each

Michael Gibney. SOUS CHEF.

Gibney’s restaurant career includes stints in the kitchens of a number of NYC establishments, including 10 Downing and Governor. His second-person account takes you—as opening sous chef—through a single day in the operation of a large fine-dining restaurant, where, like every other such restaurant in the world, things sometimes go dramatically wrong behind the scenes even as the customers are enjoying themselves without any idea of the drama in the kitchen. Vividly written and often frenetically paced, this is an absorbing look behind the scenes and a great way to understand the daily life of professional cooks. cl. $25.00

Teeny Lamothe. TEENY’S TOUR OF PIE.

Lamothe opened her Washington, DC, pie shop after apprenticeships in bakeries around the country, learning crusts and fillings from some of America’s finest artisan pie bakers. Her seasonally organized recipe collection has a folksy tone but is adventurous in taste. Traditional standards are here, but so are such surprises as a snickerdoodle pie from Greensboro, Alabama; apple and pork potpies inspired by pork chops and applesauce the author ate growing up; and a bourbon pecan pie in which bacon cuts the dessert’s usual powerful sweetness. Fun! color throughout. p. $15.95

Barbara Adbeni Massaad. MAN’OUSHÉ.

This handsome large-format guide presents the food of Lebanon’s neighborhood bakeries. Massaad, Lebanese born and US-raised but now living in Beirut, offers a small number of sweet recipes although her real focus is on the savory breads, pies, and turnovers found on nearly every street corner. Great photography not only makes the food’s attractions clear, it also underlines the degree to which these goods are part of everyday life in Lebanon. Very impressively done. color throughout. cl. $30.00


Originally published in 1997, Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone was an all-purpose cookbook for vegetarian households, offering everything from breakfast foods to holiday dishes. It won both a James Beard Foundation award and the IACP Julia Child Cookbook of the Year Award. Now The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, the second expansion and update of this versatile work, provides more than 1,600 classic and simple recipes for home cooks, including more than 200 new recipes and comprehensive updated information on vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Madison is one of the most trustworthy writers going, no matter the topic she tackles. cl. $40.00

Greg Patent. SOUFFLÉS.

Forget worn-out gags about soufflés falling at the slightest loud noise. Simple technique allows you to create an assortment of light and flavorful sweet or savory dishes. Patent, the author of several excellent baking books, offers clear reassuring instruction along with recipes for comforting classics as well as some of his own invention: roasted cauliflower and Asiago; warm chocolate with coconut milk and kaffir lime; cold almond praline. color throughout. cl. $21.99

Relais & Chateaux. 99 INSPIRATIONAL CHEFS.

This ambitious 624-page book features the chef of every North American restaurant that belongs to Relais & Chateaux, an association of hoteliers, chefs, and restaurateurs dedicated to excellence in luxury establishments. Many august names are here, from Eli Kaimeh of NYC’s Per Se and Barbara Lynch of Merton in Boston to Normand Laprise of Toqué in Montreal and Michael Tusk of San Francisco’s Quince. But the collection’s reach also includes Mexico and the Caribbean. Every chef and restaurant are profiled, and two or three plated dishes are presented, accompanied by detailed recipes. color throughout. cl. $99.00

Relais & Chateaux. 36 INSPIRATIONAL CHEFS.

The chefs of every Relais & Chateaux establishment in the United Kingdom and Ireland are featured here, including Hélène Darroze of the Connaught, Alain Roux of The Waterside Inn, and Raymond Blanc of Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons. In addition to profiles of the chefs and their establishments, the book contains three to five detailed recipes from each, all of them handsomely photographed. color throughout. cl. $45.00


Emmanual Renaut. NATURE’S TABLE.

High in the French Alps, a few kilometers from Mont Blanc, Renaut’s Michelin three-star Flocons de Sel displays the diversity of local culinary resources: fish from Lake Geneva; mountain lamb, venison and other wild game; and a wealth of foraged and garden herbs, greens, and mushrooms. This handsome large-format book with its seasonally arranged recipes is visually enticing, as are Renaut’s recipes for the like of garden beets steamed with spruce and lime blossoms, salsify “noodles” with white truffles, and lake char with elderflower oil, anise, and lemon juice. color throughout. cl. $60.00

Guy Savoy & Christian Boudard. DESSERTS.

Writing with his pastry chef, Savoy offers 31 plated desserts from his Paris restaurant, each preceded by a home classic that inspired it. The home versions are often just as beautifully presented, but the restaurant offerings display an enticing imagination. A simple citrus terrine becomes an elegant fantasy of citron granita, lime shortbread, bergamot sorbet, and yuzu croustillant. A basic flourless chocolate cake is reinvented as a terrine of white-chocolate praline and bittersweet chocolate ganache with chicory-infused crème anglaise. A nice display of imagination. en français. color throughout. cl. $49.95


Alexie Van Beuren and Dixie Grimes. THE B.T.C. OLD-FASHIONED GROCERY COOKBOOK.

Water Valley, Mississipi, is a small town a few miles south of Oxford, where in 2010 Van Beuren opened a grocery to showcase local farm foods as well as supply more exotic items such as artisan pasta. When Grimes arrived to run the lunch cafe, B.T.C. took off, offering a mix of country favorites and modern American casual fare that seems just as folksy. Among the choices are roasted pear and zucchini soup, honey pecan catfish, and chicken potpie with parsnips and roasted leeks. color throughout. cl. $29.99

Lucy Vaserfirer. MARINADES.

Vaserfirer, a cooking teacher and the author of several previous books, offers 200 marinades to flavor a full array of foods. Some of the chapters are regional, helping you evoke the tastes of regions like the American Southwest, East Asia, or the Middle East; others are ingredient based, exploring uses of wine, beer, coffee, fruit, or dairy products. Each marinade is accompanied by a recipe showcasing a possible use: a pineapple and guajillo chile marinade is employed in tacos al pastor; a juniper-rosemary marinade flavors grilled pork loin; white wine and saffon enliven baked halibut. p. $17.95


We should have been on top of this sooner, but we’re very glad that we're now carrying the entire series of these hand-bound small-format books on basic ingredients. Handsomely designed, each volume is written by a culinary pro with appropriate expertise, offering simple, imaginative recipes suitable for weeknight cooking. The books are attractive and serious and happen to make great gifts, especially for anyone you know who is swamped by a bountiful garden or a hyperactive CSA. Three new volumes will be released in 2014, but currently available are:

#1 Eggs by Ian Knauer

Spinach and edamame egg drop soups; maple-bacon popovers; Portuguese egg tarts with burnt marshmallow frosting.

#2 Tomatoes by Soa Davies

Tomato and green olive tartare; pan-roasted beef tenderloin with caramelized tomato steak sauce; tomato and porcini ragù with fresh pasta.

#3 Strawberries by Susan Spungen

Cold soba salad with strawberries and shishito peppers; strawberry tarte tatin; pink sangria.

#4 Buttermilk by Angie Mosier

Banana cake with buttermilk buttercream frosting; curried okra fritters; fresh buttermilk cottage cheese.

#5 Grits by Virginia Willis

Jamaican grits porridge; grits beignets with country sausage; sweet potato and grits spoonbread.

#6 Sweet Potatoes by Scott Hocker

Sweet potato gnocchi with marjoram-almond sauce; Japanese beef and sweet potato stew; sweet potato jam.

#7 Broccoli by Tyler Korda

Roasted broccoli hummus; roast beef sandwiches with broccoli marmalade; chilled broccoli soup with crab

Each volume is handbound, printed on colored stock, and tied with baker's twine. p. $12.00 each.

Back in stock at last:

Mastering the Fine Art of Slicing Spanish Ham by Pilar Esteban-Ordorico

This glossy, highly detailed, and meticulous guide offers instruction for making the most of whole jamon iberico and jamon serrano. Written with the cooperation of several award-winning Spanish ham slicers--and yes, the art is taken that seriously in Spain--this practical and thorough book will help any restaurant or tapas bar get the full value from a joint of the  world's most luxurious pork product.

Copies are available in Spanish or in English. paperback. $59.95.
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