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(or maybe Summer?)

The CROSS Center has had another busy quarter - with lots of projects wrapping up and a new round of warm weather projects just starting, this newsletter will give you a lot to read and think about.  Please spread the word!

$  March Food Month  $

Be the Hero, Fight Hunger in the 2012 Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign.  Please help the CROSS Center raise food and money in this event.  Donations can be made by stopping by the CROSS Center during operating hours, by mail or securely donating online:

Ham Cards

CROSS is again collecting the Coborns Ham Cards or unstamped receipts. You can bring them in during our open hours or drop them in the mail slot at the Rainbow building.  Be sure that you bring us the WHOLE receipt, do not cut them.  Thank you for helping us share hams this Easter and thanks to Coborns for their great support!

Clothing Area

The clothing area in the Rainbow building is going through some major changes.  A leaky roof has been fixed and new walls, floors and ceiling will be installed by the time the project is finished. An Otto Bremer grant was awarded the CROSS Center to help pay for much of the renovation.

During the renovation, the free clothing and household program will be moved to the office that is located next to Benton Insurance, just down the street from the Rainbow building. The food shelf will be business as usual during the Rainbow renovation and will gladly accept any food donations.

Plant A Row

Are you planting a garden this year?  If you are, consider “Planting A Row” for the CROSS Center.  Donating the food from just one row of your garden can provide fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to local families in need.

A look back at the Toy Distribution

December 17, 2011 was a day of Christmas. A day of giving, caring, sharing, and loving Gods children. It was not an easy day; it was a day of hard work and was a long day.  In fact it started Friday afternoon, December 16.

Friday at 4:00 the Kiwanis group was scheduled to come and load the toys at the CROSS on a trailer to be hauled over to the 1st Presbyterian Church, where the distribution is held.

At the church, the youth group from the 1st Presbyterian church and the youth group from the St. John's Catholic Church were there to unload the trailer, haul the toys into the fellowship hall, take down the round tables, and set up the long tables, haul all the tables from the Sunday School rooms for us to use, and then the hard part - follow directions.!!! Oh! but these kids were amazing, in no time they had all the tables set up as directed, the boxes and totes of toys were unloaded and set up on tables by age or category.  

More volunteers from the community, mostly adults, came about 5:00 to arrange and organize the toys in a fashion of display. Soon we were ready for 78 families (200 children) to come for the toys.

Saturday, at 11:30, more volunteers came and after orientation were ready to chaperone each parent as they selected gifts for their children. They were able to choose a main gift, numerous stocking stuffers, stuffed animals, knit hats, scarves, mittens, games and puzzles. They started at noon and done at 5:00.   We saw happy grateful parents as they left for home.

At 5:00, the Boy Scouts came and again a major alteration as all leftovers (including garbage) were hauled into the  trailer, tables returned to their places, table decorations returned and etc. Again another group of great guys that really know how to move stuff and leave it looking good. The trailer was unloaded at the CROSS Center. All done and on our way home at 6:00.  

What a day!! What a Christmas it was already. What Spirit !!  What energy !! Many thanks to all who made it happen; starting with the donation of toys to the final clean up. Great job!

Spring, 2012 Edition

The C.R.O.S.S. Center

PO Box 205
150 4th Ave N
Foley, MN 56329

     1 – 4pm and 6 – 8pm
     10am – 3pm

Wish List

Cash donations are simple – and for every $1, we can buy $9-10 of food!

Checks can be sent to:
  CROSS Center
  PO Box 205
  Foley, MN 56329

If you’d rather donate products, some items that we currently need are:

  ~Hamburger Helper
  ~Tuna Helper 
  ~Mac & Cheese 
  ~Rice Sides  
  ~Pasta Sides 
  ~Canned Soups 
  ~Canned Fruit 
  ~Microwave Popcorn 

  ~Cleaning Supplies

Thank You!

to everyone who supports the CROSS Center!!  With your help, we were able to give aid to over 3900 individuals last year!

And of course, volunteers are welcome!  Stop in or call for more information.


C.R.O.S.S. Mission Statement

To provide encouragement and assistance to residents of Benton County who are experiencing short-term difficulties in meeting their basic needs for food and clothing.  Assistance is provided regardless of race, color or creed for those who qualify.
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