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What A Great Year

2011 has been an eventful year for Whiteley Solutions and the Phoenix Drum Enclosure. We added two new amazing drum shields to our collection and many happy clients.

We strive to provide our clients with specialized care. We listen to what they are looking for and work on helping them obtain it. With our committment to a quality product and quality customer service we have found that more often than not once a shield is installed our clients are ordering more for their satellite campuses, youth sanctuaries, rehearsel rooms, etc...

We would like to share with you what a few people are saying about the Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosures.

Dove Award Winning Artist, Kari Jobe -
"The Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosure is an incredible help for worship. I can always tell the difference when I'm on stage
without it. The Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosure maintains a quieter stage and allows me to not be overwhelmed or feel taken over by the intensity of the drums. I feel that is also allows my sound man to properly distribute the band's instrumentation without having to fight a "room" with the drums, especially when you have a solid, strong drummer. It allows the drummer the ability to play as hard or as soft as he needs and lets the sound man do the rest. One other aspect is the cleanliness of the stage, it makes the stage look clean and organized; a desire of all churches! I have also known Chad Whiteley and his family for many, many years and I love his heart for worship. He has a true gift to not only play drums, but to help usher in the presence of God. The shield is like an extension of the annointing that God has placed on his life. Your team, church and stage will love it!"

Luke Vogel, Technical Director, Church of the Highlands -

"We love our Phoenix LX! Isolating stage volume has been a huge plus for us here at the Highlands. Your drum enclosure definitely helps us to create a controlled dynamic worship environment.
The following are the noticeable benefits of this enclosure...

 · Complete isolation of drums clean up stage volume and allow for much more controlled mixes.
·  Acoustically sound environment for micing drums.
·  Seamless plexi provide clean video shots and sightlines to the  drummer.
·  Rubber floor provides quick cleanup of stick shavings and such.
·  Quick disconnect snake and wheels on enclosure make it easy to move the drum position on stage."

Walker Beach, Executive Pastor, Worship Production, Gateway Church -

" We love the Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosures so much that not only do we have them at all three of our campuses, we've purchased them for rehearsal rooms, youth rooms, and travel. The control of sound that it has given our audio engineers is second to none. We have had the opportunity to use the enclosure for two of our live recordings, God Be Praised, and Great, Great God. With the sound isolation of the Phoenix LX we were not only able to get great drum tracks, we were able to keep every vocal that was done live those nights because there was no drum bleed in the vocal mics. Because of its seamless design it also looks great on television. We highly recommend the Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosures. We now, won't do a campus without one."

Mike Morgan, Worship Pastor, Grace Church San Diego -

"The Phoenix Curve became an integral part of our recent auditorium remodel. It provides amazing sound control over the drums that allows our new sound system do the work. With the sleek design, the Curve adds to the clean look that we were trying to create on our stage and greatly enhances the worship environment. This product ws built to last and the support from Whiteley Solutions is top notch."

Josh Dade, Technical Director, Trinity Church, Lubbock, Texas -

"The isolation of the drums was a very nice surprise. We knew the drums would be contained but didn't realize how much they were spilling over into the room. Even our under balcony speakers which provide audio support for about 400 - 500 seats sound enormously better."

Sean Carpenter, Drummer - "Man these things are awesome! You can have a perfectly normal tone conversation right outside while your crazy drummer is bangin' away! Incredible!"

Our Products

Phoenix LX

The Phoenix LX is where sound isolation meets a room with a view. It is sturdy, sleek looking and fully functional. It starts at  $11,995 without the add-ons.

Phoenix Curve

The Phoenix Curve is a lighter-weight version of the LX and it starts at $6495 without add-ons.

Phoenix Slim

The Phoenix Slim is a stand-alone front curved glass shield. It does not have a top or back and it starts at $1500.

We look forward to doing business with you, and hope that one of these products meet your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information please call us at 817-793-5442.

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