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Happy New Beginnings From Mia Park
Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 began powerfully with grace. I'm riding the waves between feeling crushed from being racially harassed again and feeling elevated by the Asian American play reading series I'm curating and producing at Goodman Theatre on February 12. Through it all, I'm working at having the faith to let go of my ever-so-stubborn ego. I love Byron Katie's prayer, “God, spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen.”

I was racially harassed by my neighbor's friend two months ago, in our building. He called me "Wow bao" and made racial gestures with his hands at me. Wow Bao is a Chicago chain of Asian restaurants. The fall out has been exhausting, invalidating, and painful. Honestly, it shrivels my heart to share the nitty gritty, but the highlights are that I feel unsupported and unprotected but the board in our condo building and that there's been little accountability. Board members refuse to attend mediation with me or to even have a cup of coffee to try to create understanding. At our meeting last weekend, I was called racist, yelled at, spoken over, and totally invalidated. I'm glad the meeting was recorded so I don't feel like a crazy person.

At one end, my blood boils over this and I loose sleep. At the other end, this painful and frightening experience of defending myself against bullsh*t authority is a microcosm of living in America. What authentic actions can I take in the name of justice that are done in a kind way? I'm trying to find out.

Being racially harassed four times in 2017 fuels my fire to advocate for Asian American representation in acting. As Guest Curator at AIRMW, I'm producing and curating a staged play reading series at Goodman Theatre  and Steppenwolf Theatre called, "Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings". These plays are written and directed by Asian Pacific American theatre artists and feature Chicago actors. I'm working hard at making this event successful and am grateful for an amazing team of volunteers. I hope to see you there. 
Yoga with Me 

I teach a monthly, one hour Restorative Yoga Nidra class at Nature Yoga and yogaview studios  in Chicago. The next classes are Feb 11 and Feb 23. Read more here.
The First of Four Play Readings is Feb 12! 
The first of four staged play readings I'm curating takes place at Goodman Theatre on February 12. This is history making, the first reading of its kind in Chicago. See you at this free, fun event! RSVP here.
Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra
March 24-25, 2018. yogaview. Chicago.

Learn to safely and confidently teach guided relaxation, yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a powerful healing and transformational technique that's safe for all practitioners. We need deep rest now more than ever. CE hours available. Info is here on this yoga teacher training I lead.

Dancers, instrumentalists, and singers, the Foundation of Artists Mentored in 
(F.A.M.E.) holds auditions on February 18 for a $1,200 prize, mentorship and more.

What do you do when you feel helpless and beaten down? Feel the feels, process and integrate, and if you're feeling it: ACT.
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