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I don't believe you ever get closure on anything. Things leave a permanent mark on you. Allison Anders

Meet my new heroine, Miss Robbie Patterson, 100 years young. She says the secret to a long, healthy life is everything you think it would be: don't get drunk, don't do drugs, don't eat a lot of red meat, don't eat fried food, eat a lot of fruit, exercise daily (she jogged until she was 90), and most importantly, have a positive attitude. I asked Miss Patterson if I could interview her for my upcoming podcast, Experiment of Living and she declined in that diplomatic, gentle way of saying, "Let's talk about it." She went on to say that she's a private person and that she wishes me very well with my project. 

I learned a lot from spending Christmas with Miss Patterson. Her kindness and personal agency drew hoards to her; she was the hit at a party of hundreds. I saw her not take crap from anyone with graciousness, and I loved how she wanted to connect deeply with me yet retain her boundary of privateness. 

Right now, I'm planning to live a healthy 108 years. I'll take as many cues from Miss Patterson as I'm able and add to her list the suggestion of self-love. It's still a crazy world, and I believe that smart, sensitive people are feeling current challenges especially in our physical bodies. I believe that the best way to manage and heal our world and ourselves is practicing as much self love as we can. Will you commit to practicing the same in 2019, starting right now? Let's do an experiment to see how living is when we embrace our shortcomings, forgive our trespasses, and wholly appreciate every nook and cranny about ourselves.

I hope you had a healthy 2018. Here's to an authentic and peaceful 2019 filled with what we need the most: true love. Also, I want to hear all about your life, so tell me. Peace.

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