autumnal greetings! time to ignite the bonfire inside you.
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Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. – George Eliot

My favorite season has arrived. Welcome, Autumn! I recently celebrated Korean Thanksgiving and am co-leading an incredible Autumn yoga retreat with my Tantric yoga teaching sister, Yoli Maya Yeh. How are you embracing this season of transition?

Our yoga retreat is "Embodied Transformation" on Oct 6, 10-6pm at Purple and Bumble Farm just south of Chicago. Practice yoga postures, breathing exercises, guided meditation, walking meditation, journaling, and truly farm to table meals. There's an option to stay late for a fire ceremony, kirtan, and yoga movie. You can also camp. See the entire yoga schedule here. Sign up soon since space is limited. I'm seriously excited to lead this retreat intended to assist in positive personal transformation during the season of change. 

Thank goodness for the support of yoga and taiji since 2018 has already kicked my butt. With the current political climate, I feel threatened and broken hearted. Also, I spent six months coordinating the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival and now that it's in my rearview mirror, I have an opportunity to turn down the volume of life. This is a huge challenge for me since my default is to make myself Busy AF. I keep myself off the charts busy to avoid...what?

As the seasons change, this is an excellent time to change habits, and, *drumroll* SHIFT the PARADIGM. Yup! I'm committed to slowing down and giving myself the opportunity to Welcome Provocation. What would happen if Mia Park really, really, really slowed down? Imma find out and let you know. I want to hear about your paradigm shifts, too.

I still have wonderful projects that I'm working on, including producing the last installment of Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings in 2018 on October 22nd at Steppenwolf Theater. Join us for a lovely evening of yummy food, tasty drinks, and a full length play reading. Stay tuned for more Asian American play readings in 2019. 

It's almost mid-term elections. I'm phone banking to encourage people to vote and knocking on doors to share awareness about a great candidate for US Congress. Are you involved with shifting our broken government?

Sidenote that I'm still experimenting with magical socks and insoles to great success after my knee surgery and ongoing physical therapy. They've helped greatly with my recovery and reduced my swelling and pain significantly. See below for details and as always, thank you.

Get out of town and on the farm for a one day (or longer) yoga retreat intended to assist with positive personal transformation. Learn more and sign up here.

Insight Timer & Yoga International

Listen to my free yoga nidra recordings on Insight Timer and practice yoga with my videos on Yoga International.

I curate and produce this history making series of Asian American play readings. See here to learn more. Represent!

Please register to vote and VOTE. Believe in justice? If you think our country can do better, get involved and let's change our government.


I know, I know. Miracle socks and insoles? All I can say is that after I tore my knee meniscus, I wore a brace, my leg swole up and it hurt like heck despite taking anti-inflamatory pain killers. I wore these socks and the swelling completely disappeared. I didn't need meds, anymore. Read more here. 

Not my feet! A pregnant woman after wearing the magic socks for 36 hours.
I'm honored to be featured on ABC 7's "Asian Influences", doing what I do. Thanks, Eneri Communications.
NBC News

I'm honored to be featured on NBC 5's "Making a Difference" teaching yoga in jail. Thanks, Yoga for Recovery.
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