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Late Summer Greetings From Mia Park
I am injured. 2016 is my year for bodily trauma and healing. In February, I had oral surgery, in March I caught Satan's flu, in May I had major oral surgery, now I have a painful knee. What's up with that?! I'm usually strong with boundless energy on the go-go-go.

I'm still strong and my energy remains boundless. What I'm acknowledging is that my go-go-go has got to slow-slow-slow if I want to fully heal. My default is to do one thing, leap into the next thing, revisit the first thing, start a third thing, revisit the second thing and so on. I love my enthusiastic, inquisitive nature. To properly nurture myself, I am now enthusiastic and inquisitive about who I am when I'm more still. 

What I'm allowing myself to do is deeply self-nurture and physically be more still. If I want to heal my knee, I have no choice. I'm grateful for injury because it leads to inquiry and this is a gift. Pain is forcing me to listen to what I need. The non-verbal intelligences in my body communicate in a way that require my sensitivity and patience in order to understand their messages. The more attentive I become to my own needs, the better I understand others.

My time in this physical body is short, as the Tibetan crown of skulls reminds me. When the physical body is compromised, so are the subtle bodies of energy. mind, emotion and spirit. When I work on healing one of these bodies, I'm healing them all. What a gift! Thank you to my companions sickness and injury for the opportunity to understand and grow.  
Me at the Goodman
I'm thrilled to return to Goodman Theatre to perform in The King of Hell's Palace. There are six shows, Sept 25 - Oct 9, tickets are free. This is another dark, humorous, dark play about modern Chinese history. The script is smart and unique - I'm so looking forward to this.
Me at The DNC
I attended the DNC. It was epic. I interviewed politicians, was on TV a lot (see me at 1:40), met cool journalists, documented protests, & got inspired to get involved. What are your thoughts on the election? Are you getting involved?
You at Your Best
Want to make a positive difference in your life? Meditate! This is the best intro to meditation I've seen. It's simple, direct and the cartoon animals are cute. I've been working with a rat puppet for 20 years, of course I love animated animals. Please watch this.
Learn To Teach Guided Relaxation
This popular teacher training returns in October. You can learn to safely and effectively teach guided relaxation, or yoga nidra. Nidra means sleep and in a "yoga sleep" practice, students are verbally led through deeply healing and relaxing techniques.

October 16. 9am-6pm. Alternative Health Group. 1824 W. North Ave., Chicago. CE credits available.

Read more about this one day training here
Late Summer Recipe Corner
While cooking, I often chant to feel calm and share extra good vibes in the food. Here are recipes I hope you'll enjoy. Ohmmm!

Kimchi! (kimchi rocks every season)

Carrot Juice and Coconut Milk Soup With Cardamom and Fresh Mint

Green Pea and Fresh Mint Soup With Roasted Fennel Seed

Sesame French Toast With Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula Salad.
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