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Winter Greetings From Mia Park
We are on fire. The world is in pain. Our next president is a xenophobic racist womanizer. How can so much global suffering concurrently take place? What can we do to have hope individually and collectively? 2016 was an intense year that sucked in so many ways.

Light shines brighter in the dark and dark times are here, So be bright! Shine your endless inner light as hard as you can! How much self-love can you cultivate? How often can you practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance? The more we can embrace our individual light, the better we can see the light in others and help each other. 

In the yoga paradigm, the current era is Kali Yuga. This is the time of contention. This era is the darkness before the dawn, however. Next is the era of balance and peace. In order to know and appreciate balance and peace, we need this discord. Life is supposed to be filled with up's and down's. The down's are all too obvious. Find the up's, create the up's, celebrate all the up's you can starting right now.

The world is on fire. Fire is transformation and yes, it burns. But, once we walk through the fire together, we'll be cleansed, stronger and more focused on what's important to us. Fire galvanizes. Let's be clear on who we are and what we want. I want peace. I want love. I want joy for all.

Happiest holidays. I appreciate you! Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, thank you for being the best you can be, and thanks for making a bright 2017 filled with compassion and growth.. xo.
Advanced Yoga Nidra Training
Jan 29. Alternative Health Group. Chicago.

This training is intended for teachers already leading the practice of yoga nidra. Refine your teaching skills, receive new scripts, review how yoga nidra works, receive feedback on how you guide others into a state of deep relaxation, go deeper into sankalpa work, and more. Learn how to better practice.  CE hours are available. More info and registration here
Get Involved

If you want to rage against the dying of the light in this country, there are many ways to get involved. Download this amazing Indivisible Guide on how to resist the Trump agenda. Continue following Bernie. Support a march, donate to a good cause, sign petitions. Get involved with local politics. Protest the Dakota Pipeline. Active civic participation needs to become part of our lifestyle. Let's make the effort! 
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