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Greetings From Mia Park
Happy Holidays, it's that whirling time of family, feelings, and experiences. I hope you're present for yourself; please remember that the best gift for anyone is for you to take care of yourself. I love Byron Katie's prayer, “God, spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen.”

That being said, we each need to be heard. It's validating to be heard by others but, at our core, we share an intuitive desire to be heard by our deeper selves, to be heard by and return to our Source. Along the way, we experience the pain and glory of being human.

As an actress, communicator, and lover of people, I've struggled to be heard and seen my entire life. Part of my wanting attention is personality based, and part of it is due to not being heard or seen. I can list the facts as to why: as a woman of color, as an abused youngest child, as a minority actress, etc. But my intention now is to heal and get heard, not dwell on the "why's". In wanting my voice to be heard, I also want other Asian American voices to be heard because if I'm not seen, if they're not seen, then who else is really seen? Or heard? Or understood? And how can we all grow if one group is discouraged?

My current project is working as a Guest Curator with AIRMW, a non-profit arts group in Chicago. Together, we produce a series of play readings at Goodman Theatre and other venues in 2018. These plays are written and directed by Asian Pacific American artists and feature local actors. I'm curating this series, and am raising funds to pay the artists. 

Donate to validate: truly any amount you donate to our voices being heard counts. Triple your impact: 1) Fund artists who need to be heard 2) Receive a tax deduction 3) Receive an amazing perk or give it as a gift.

Thanks for donating and for sharing this fundraiser info with your friends, families, companies, and colleagues. Your donation helps me, helps our voices get heard, and helps you, which helps us all. Wow, look what good you did! 

Donate to Validate: Get Heard!
We have until Dec 31st to raise $4,000 to pay Asian Pacific American artists to share their stories onstage at Goodman Theatre and other venues in Chicago. This is a history making event! Pease donate any tax deductable amount here.  

Cover Homeless Women
Dec 9. Schubas.
This year, my band covers Cyndi Lauper at "Covers for Cover", a rock fundraiser I started 10 years ago to raise money for homeless women. 
Sankalpa: New Year Resolutions the Yogic Way
Jan 6, 2018. yogaview.
Create a lasting resolve for the new year. Expect to practice postures, breath work, meditation, journaling, and yoga nidra. Beginners are welcome! Info here on this yoga workshop I lead.
Yoga with Me 

I teach a monthly, Restorative Yoga Nidra class at Nature Yoga and yogaview in Chicago. The next class is Dec 15th.

Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra
March 24-25, 2018. yogaview. Chicago.

Learn to safely and confidently teach guided relaxation, yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a powerful healing and transformational technique that's safe for all practitioners. We need deep rest now more than ever. CE hours available. Info is here on this yoga teacher training I lead.
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