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Greetings From Mia Park
Autumnal greetings, warm friends. I've been off social media and, oh boy, do I feel better! Not surprisingly, my anxiety and stress levels are lower and I'm getting more done. As the Fall season encourages nesting and preparing for colder weather, I'm drawing inwards.

The challenge of being off social media is my concern about marketing my next yoga trainings - what if no one shows up because they didn't see my yoga workshop blurbs on Facebook? The answer that works best for me is balance. I can be on social media just enough to market my workshops. And I can send out this monthly newsletter explaining how I'm not (really) on social media. And I can control how outwards I go. Then, head backwards to write plays and organize my home. #ilovenesting

Being an extreme extrovert, I'm getting over the fear of feeling left out and detached from digitally socializing. And it feels wonderful. What can you do to authentically reduce your stress and anxiety? What would you do with extra time every day? Let me know and welcome, Autumn.
A Book That
Changed My Life

I'm honored to present a book that changed my life on Oct 12 for Literacy Works. Tickets are only $20 and benefit adult literacy.

Homecoming: Reuniting Mind and Body through Science and Yoga
Nick Beem@Grateful Yoga
Thursdays, 10/5-11/9, 7-9pm

Explore how the stories of science can harmonize with yoga practice to help us feel more at home in our body and the world.
Initial Guide to Meditation

From "To begin the process, take 3 full deep breaths. With each out breath, let the mind close down as if going to sleep. The tensions of the body melt away. Then the superficial-mind closes down further." Meditate more here.
Subtle Body Sequencing
Oct 20-22. Alternative Health Group.

Learn the more subtle effects of practicing yoga and how to create an intelligent sequence. This workshop is great for experienced students and yoga teachers. CE certificate is available. Read more about this exciting workshop Info is here.
Yoga with Me 

I teach a "Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra" class at Nature Yoga and yogaview studios in Chicago. My next class is October 8 at Nature Yoga. My parents will be there! See my full teaching schedule here.
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