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Simmer Down Time From Mia Park
It's too darned hot. The weather is hot-humid in Chicago and our head-hearts are filled with emotional heat from recent events. Violence, anger, and passion concretize the already thick air. How can we catch a full breath? How do we cool our selves? How can we calm down? 

There are techniques we can utilize to cool us, inside and out. Try sitali, a cooling yoga breath. 

Take a lukewarm bath and rub coconut oil into your skin post bath for long lasting coolness.

Take a walk in the moonlight. Read more interesting Ayurvedic cooling tips here

The most sustainable action you can take to cool and calm yourself is to cool and calm your mind. If you can influence the way your mind fluctuates, heated reactions become thoughtful responses. For sure, feel all emotions that arise. And continue cultivating a clear, tranquil mind. With a clear, tranquil mind, our internal and external thermometers stay even, never boiling, never freezing.

How to? Meditate. Practice self inquiry. Be relentless in creating personal peace. Love, love love. We're on this life journey together. What you do affects me and vice versa. With personal development, we develop the world. Embrace heavy current events whole heartedly and together we can integrate with cool heads and calm hearts. Thank you for your self-awareness!
Me at the DNC

I will be live streaming from the Democratic National Convention on my Facebook page.  Stay tuned for live updates from the DNC and for articles after this historic event. 
Free Sound Healing

As part of the "Vanishing Beauty" rare art exhibit, experience sound healing at the Art Institute of Chicago this Thursday, July 14th. Experience the world of the Himalayas and beyond.
Yoga Sleep: Nidra

Here are my complimentary and deeply relaxing yoga nidra recordings. Hear more of my nidra recordings on Spotify. Search for Mia Park and love the relaxation.
Chic-A-Go-Go Taping
Our kids's TV dance show tapes next August 2nd in lovely Millennium Park. This free, outdoor dance party is under the Family Fun Tent, filled with other fun kids activities. Get your summer dance on with us.
Scientific Research:
The Benefits of Meditation for Beginners

"People who meditate experience lower levels of anxiety, anger, depression, and tension, and that meditation can also be a supportive practice for those who have experienced trauma." The benefits of a regular mediation practice are plenty researched these days. Here's a good article on this research.

How to keep a cool head and prevail? Learn to be alone with you. Now, that's a cool practice. 
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