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Experiment of Living Newsletter

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – H.H. Dalai Lama

Welcome to the newly titled Experiment of Living newsletter, soon to be a podcast and more! This newsletter was called Bright and Beautiful because that's what my name in Korean means. Lucky me, right? Such a lovely name I was given. I do think that life is bright and beautiful, and it's also a giant experiment of how to self-improve with deeper self-knowledge. So, by changing the newsletter name, I can better focus on the examination of this miracle we're doing; living; and the sloppy hopefulness that comes with it.

There are so many techniques to help us along this path of living as we trudge, dance, and trip along. There's yoga, meditation, taiji, sex, drugs, rock and roll, all of it. Some techniques are more sustainable and successful than others. It's your job to figure out what connects you more to your true nature. Red pill or blue pill, homie?

I'd love to learn more about what keeps you living and what your quality of life is like. Thanks for reading about my experiences and recommendations in this newsletter. What else would you like to read about or discuss?

I'm still producing Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings and the first reading of 2019 is January 28 at Victory Gardens in Chicago. And there's an interview with me on Voyage Chicago. I hope you let me know what you're doing that you love. I hope your Thanksgiving was successful and that you're thriving this winter solstice, holiday season. 

Gardens Theater

Four brilliant, short plays by APA playwrights will be read on this full night of laughter, weirdness, and smart fun. Read more and get tix here.

Insight Timer & Yoga International

Listen to my free yoga nidra recordings on Insight Timer and practice yoga with my videos on Yoga International.
What kind of education are you looking forward to? My friends at Amala School of Yoga offer a quality pre-natal yoga teacher training that starts in January. 

Join me Jan 13 at yogaview studio in Chicago to learn about sankalpa, a stronger intention than a typical New Year Resolution that brings you closer to your true nature and life's purpose. Sound powerful and important and fun? Yup.
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