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No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution... revolution is but thought carried into action. Emma Goldman

Happy summer, fellow humans trying their best. What are you believing in these long sunny days? I'm still rocking my advocacy for representation on the theatrical stage with two amazing events. One is producing and curating a play reading series featuring local playwrights and talent called "Our Perspective: Acts of Revolution". The other is coordinating a national theater conference and festival called "ConFest: Revolutionary Acts". Both take place in Chicago in August, both celebrate the Asian American experience.

I'm thrilled to see how hip Korean culture is. Korean food flavors, restaurants, pop music, TV shows, movies, and even the language are more popular than ever. Greater acceptance of Korean culture in America certainly makes me feel more accepted as a Korean American, but I still feel that my stories are unheard and unseen.

Asian Americans need more representation on stage, on film, on TV, in books, in the media, everywhere. Asian Americans are still all too often not invited to the sit at the table discussing diversity with our black and white sisters and brothers. Until everyone's story is valued, inequality and misunderstanding remain. It's that simple.

It's all a microcosm, right? What's out there is in us and vice versa. So, the better we know ourselves, the better we can know others. In this way, understanding yourself as well as you can helps you to see me and us and all. 

So there are many ways to support! You practicing self-inquiry helps me be seen. You attending an Asian American theater event helps our stories be experienced. And you revolting  anyway you can against families being separated at borders and a dysfunctional President who squirts his self-loathing onto the rest of us helps shift our tilted world. 

Sidenote that I'm still experimenting with magical socks and insoles to great success after my knee surgery last month. Honest to goodness, they've helped greatly with my recovery and reduced my swelling and pain significantly. See below for details and as always, thank you.

Learn to Teach Guided Relaxation: The Art of Yoga Nidra

Learn to teach yoga nidra with me at Nature Yoga, Sept 15, 22, 29 in Chicago. Also, I teach Restorative Yoga Nidra at both Nature Yoga Sanctuary and at yogaview studios. My teaching schedule is here

Insight Timer & Yoga International

Listen to my free yoga nidra recordings on Insight Timer and practice yoga with my videos on Yoga International.

Acts of Revolution
I curate and produce this history making series of Asian American play readings, "Our Perspective". See here to learn about these free readings. Represent!

October 6, 2018 

Save the date for an Autumnal yoga weekend on a lovely farm in Monee, IL! More Info coming soon.

I know, I know. Miracle socks and insoles? All I can say is that after I tore my knee meniscus last month, I wore a brace and my leg swole up and hurt like heck despite the pain killing anti-inflamatory pills. I wore these insoles and the swelling  completely disappeared. Also, I didn't need meds, anymore. Read more here. 

Not my feet! A pregnant woman after wearing the magic socks for 36 hours.
I'm honored to be featured on ABC 7's "Asian Influences", doing what I do. Thanks, Eneri Communications!
Me on NBC News

I'm honored to be featured on NBC 5's "Making a Difference" teaching yoga in jail. Thanks, Yoga for Recovery!
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